Thursday, January 14, 2010

i love drunk night with my friends

SO here are the few new years pics we took, im posting this cause i dont know what to write right now lol, drunk nights with the besties are the best, PS fuck mandy =] inside jooooooke!

Friday, January 8, 2010

my new glorious shoes

these are my new amazing and glorious new shoes =] i love them >_<

its funny, i think everyone in my family has a pair of these lol,
so new years was awesome, ill put some pics, spent it with my bffs and lots of liquor lol, went to city hall saw a light show, we basicly drove everywhere, and got home at 6am, so i did make a new years resolution, can you guess it?

yeahh, those are my jazz hands =] haha, nats in the middle and blondie is lynne

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new day

forget yesterday
the problems and the downs
cause its a new day
time to look up,
time to play
come over here
say you will stay,
yesterdays done
and id change it if i could
i really would
rewind my steps
and breathe back my words
redo whats done
but i cant,so lets keep going
lets forget yesterday
throw it out
cause tomorrows a new day
lets hope to get it right


can you tell me how it is
show me how the dance gose
cause i got two left feet
and i cant keep up
i think ill lay down now
stare at the sky
watch the clouds go by
come lay down
sit still
catch your breath
you move too fast.
look at the world
watch it move slowly
watch the wind dance
and the stars talk
can you see?
come lay with me.
your moves are great
and everyone impressed
but really now
catch your breath!
see the grass?watch how it flows
hear the ocean sing?
high and low
show me how it gose again,
show me your dance, are you tired of it yet?
ill sit here, ill watch the world move

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

minding my mind

my mind is filled to the point that i dont know what to write right now, >_<