Tuesday, August 31, 2010

three hour break

So thats me ^
first day at work :]
Cafe Pita!

So, yes i got a job at Cafe Pita, its bosnian food! dude, and it looks pretty good too, i havent tried any of it yet but i will soon. Yesterday i started at 5pm and closed at 9pm, its pretty easy. Im a hostess/ waitress, so i dont have to do any kitch things thank god lol. The people there are super nice, and i already know someone who works there! Sukie. Oh, and you get tips so im happy about that lol

OK! SO! im pretty sure i had some kind of ghost encounter yesterday..really!!! so heres how it went. I was asleep, and i work up randomly at five. Si i turned over and was thinking about the dream i woke up from, i was curled in a beatle position. And you know how when someone get on you bed to lay with you, and you feel two thud movements from them putting their knees down? well i felt that. But i assumed it was my bed, like shifting, or something. so i stayed still, and then i felt like someone was there, but i knew no body was. And then! i felt the blanket on my back area begin to push down, like it was a hand!! and i whipped my blanket off. I turned my light on,looked around and said "let me sleep" and i went back to sleep. nothing else happened but i felt like something was watching me. so creepy!

You have any ghost stories?
i cant believe that bastard woke me at 5am.
wtf ghost!!

So i get out of my English class at 9:30, and my speech class is not until 12:30. I would go drive somewhere, or home, but i dont want to lose my parking spot lol,you know. Around this time everyone is looking for a spot, im not about to give mine up lol. So im sitting out in the back of the food court, its the outside area, chairs, tables, trees, shade, its pretty nice. Im drinking some starbucks and eatin a rice crispy :] lol, i was going to get a sandwich but their 9" and i would not finish it lol. oh!

i saw this and i was just awed

omg, its so funny!!!
dont you think so?

So ill be working Mondays after class 11:30-2 then 5-9, thursdays after class 4-9 and sundays 10AM-9PM, so hopefully ill get good tips coming my way! and we get paid every monday so thats not bad. Oh, so im liking my chem teacher, and my English teacher too, now all thats left is speech!

so, im pretty sure by now you all know i watch the Phillip DeFranco show on youtube, you know that right? ok well, now you know,lol, anyway, he and some other big youtubers do this other show now,they just put it together, its called BlackBoxTV. its pretty awesome, do me a favor and watch it?

i loved it :] theres a second episode too if anyone is interested!

oh god, its only 10:10...
im off to kill time!

oh, PS watch this too, it will make you smile :]

Saturday, August 28, 2010

well hello there big brother

its still hot,
someone fix the weather!

So, i guess ill jump on the band wagon and talk about the whole, FBI being able to listen to your conversations even though the phone is off. I mean, i dont know why but i thought they could already do that, haha. So now they can listen to all our "omg, shes a slut" and our " no way! really? omg no wayy!!..omg, wow." but mainly they want to hear the "ok send the coke filled teddy bears to this address" and the " you put the body where?", am i the only one ok with all this? i feel like i am. I mean im not a criminal, and i know i wont get busted by the FBI for speeding to class, so i dont really care. And why would i protest something that trying to find people who want to fill teddy bears with coke? i mean, i cant stand when I buy a teddy bear and its filled with coke and not cotton, so annoying!.. Oh, and for all you criminals or secret gays out there, to avoid the FBI all you must do is take out the battery. YEAH. The criminals MIGHT just outsmart you on this one, sorry FBI.

So today i did some errands, went and applied to cafe pita, went to verizon, started my learning to shoot a gun :]oh yeah. It was just practice for today, but it was fun! i like it a lot lol, ugh but one handed im like super shaky! but my hands are always always always like that lol, i cant wait to shoot a real one! when i do, ill show you all that target paper, so you can see how horrible i am :p lol. oh, ps its hot >_<

now i can get certain people back for shooting me with their airsoft guns, Ahem, JB.
ill get you.

oh! poor fluffy has pink eye!! shes all grumpy and laying around today lol, even sick she looks cute with her one eye half way closed lol, ive been giving her some treats to make her feel better, poor fluffers.

WithOutAFace, Henery, just came out with his second album "the first album was better", its pretty good, im going to buy it on iTunes cause i dont see him to buy the actual CD, so you guys should check out the preview of the second album AND listen/Watch to the vids for his first album on his youtube channel! Support you local houston artist, whos actually good, haha. And theres the link :]

So we all went to kats's tonight and mannn was it awesome. I got the veggie sandwich, mmmmmmm fucking amazing!! And the cheese cake shak, oh god. Im like, stuffed man. Went to Brasil after for a chai latte :p yummy and saw some guy playing acoustic, it wasent that bad lol

oh but im like, uber sleep now,
ok, night lol

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Atlanta Fails.

its a good day to rant,

ok, lets rant!

The Department of Justice is seeking to hire linguists fluent in Ebonics to help monitor, translate, and transcribe the secretly recorded conversations of subjects of narcotics investigations, according to federal records.

Ebonics has widely been described as a nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans. John R. Rickford, a Stanford University professor of linguistics, has described it as “Black English” and noted that “Ebonics pronunciation includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’), the pronunciation of the th in ‘bath’ as t (bat) or f (baf), and the pronunciation of the vowel in words like ‘my’ and ‘ride’ as a long ah (mah, rahd).”

REALLY? realllly !?
im in shock.

how do you butcher the English language so much, that its beginning to be considered a new language? what is this?? This behooves me, to a point of no return.And you know what else? its quite racist too haha, because i know, well have heard, many white people talk like that too! you see, they also referred to it as "Black English", what it should be referred to is " Retarded American". I heard this was only in Atlanta, but im not too sure,it might spread.

Universe, why do you let this happen?
what is wrong with you.

Theres a link for ya!


So, thats the rant, im not much of a ranter haha. sorry! oh todays been all nice and sunny :] went to eat out at ihop today with the parents. And i thinki might end up an aggie. Oh yeah. Now im about to head out with my friends, were going to watch, Heathers, heard of it? its ridiculous but i love that movie lol. ohoh! so there are a hell of a lot of bands heading to houston these upcoming months! Pepper, CircaSurvive, MinusTheBear, SocialDistortion, and a couple more i cant remember lol. But BulletForMyValentine is avoiding houston :[ sad i know. Oh! and im learning to shoot a gun this weekend! or beging it atleast :]

ok, well im leaving,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marine Biology

I've always been interested in the ocean, since i was little. My dad had this huge fish tank, with all these beautifully colored fish, they were amazing to me when i was little. he had all these books about different kind of fish and i would look through them all the time. For a while, the big fish tank was in my room, and i would watch them at night, just stare at them, watch them swim around, go figure i wanted to be a mermaid cause (1)my name was ariel and (2) i loved watch, the ocean, the pool, swimming in general, i loved fish, how they looked, i loved it. I still have that fish tank too, just different fish. The first fish i ever got was an angel fish, but it was also then i learned that fish, sometimes dont get along.
So ive been thinking lately, about me, what i want to do with life. Originally, i just wanted to do the whole PhD in pharmaceuticals, its a good career, steady, and their usually needed, you know? But since im a biology major, i can still change what i want to do in my life, pertaining to biology of course, i like it, i like science, but i also like animals. When i was in middle school i took a zoology class and i loved every moment of it. Well, im not sure why i didnt see this before, but i would love to be a marine biologist, i adore everything about it, ive talked to this woman who i s a marine biologist and she told me all about her trips into the ocean, on boats, scuba diving, working with whales and at aquariums, and i really believe i would enjoy and love it, so i think im aiming for that now :] The last aquarium i went to was the one in corpus, my friend took me when i went to visit, i begged him to lol, but the aquarium i would love to visit would be the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan! its amazing! imagine working there, they have one of the hugest tanks built, imagine working with all those fish, sharks, manta rays,all of it, its beautiful, want to see?

Here are some pictures i thought i'd post for you too, you can see some of my fish in my tank, you can tell cause the pictures are not as great quality as the others lol. I think ill be happy with this, what i really want to do now is actually go scuba diving, i think it'll be a good thing to go out and do now, since ill do it some day in the future.

i thinki should go buy a new fish tomorrow :] oh, but what i really would love would ba a salt water coral tank, but their really delicate, you have to really keep your eye o it. One time one of my fish got ick, and they all died it was horrible, i had to super clean the tank and i threw away all the little things that were inside the tank.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i use to get lost in your eyes

last year when it snowed,
i wrote I <3 You on the car window

there it is! ^^

So since the last post, its basically been hothothot days, with sone added rain and a movie night with the girls. So, they rented Kick-Ass and The Runaways. i loved kick-ass, i had already seen it in theaters but i never mind seeing it again lol. So i had never seen The Runaways before, you know has, well based on, Joan Jet and Cherrie Currie, has Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Im a huge Dakota Fanning ..fan. lol, shes a pretty good actor, and since she was like super young too, favorite movie is Man on Fire! so sad and amazing. Ok, well, The Runaways wasn't such a good movie, lol, especially since everyone would go "oh, look at me stutter, im an actor" every time Kristen Stewart came on, that and "god i wanna punch her" hahahaha. Fun :] Oh, they bought this, uuhh, mango vodka? i think that was it, it was so good! mixed in with other things of course lol, but it was yummy :] Before the movies we made ourselves dinner too! Pork chops, and two side foods, one with broccoli and the other had potatoes, so friggin' good man! and we had blueberry crumb cake after! what a day. lol

this past weekend was also my nephew Antonios birthday! he is ten now! and pretty much as tall as i am already! lol, we had a little party for him it was nice, he got 100$ for his birthday and got to go to a dynomos game :] a new soccer ball and a starwars game. Oh and his cupcake cake was pretty good too! we BBQ'd, it was all yummy! The basic family was over just add my sisters boyfriends parents into the mix, ya know. His dad looked like one of the creepy characters from a Buffy episode, it was funny, i had to tell someone so i told my dad lol

So its been all story for the past two days, thundery too. Im hoping its good for our plants cause we have a lemon tree plant and a tomato plant, and there not very lemony or tomatoy lately :[ i dont think its too much sun because their not all brown and ugly, their very green! maybe its a season thing? but why would this not be the season to grow? what, would winter be their season? thats dumb, it makes no sense right? lol

So i start my classes on monday, some places already started their classes, monday morning 8am, chemistry till 11am then im off for the day, well, not really ill be doing book stuff for a while after, ill probably get lunch at home than nap lol, oh no. i need a coffee mug! i forgot to get one, how will i survive? i wont ever be awake for class, why didnt you guys remind me? someone should have. you people have a responsibility ya know? cant just loligag around the interweb and not help a blogger out.

The nerve of some people!..

i got a very nice drawing mailed to me from an old friend yesterday too, he's always been an amazing multi-artist, i love the drawing and the intent behind it is sincere so,i guess that makes it an even better drawing, right? want to see?

its pretty right? it came with a letter that im not going to tell you all what it said, lol, but he said he is going to get this tattoo'd on himself soon, he has a pretty nice collection of tats.

well its all dark and thundery outside
and i need to go wash some dishes
so, ill see ya around


Friday, August 20, 2010

Tis but a flesh wound!!

no. its not Christmas, its not cold.
its actually like an over outside.
an oven might even be better!
i can daydream though right?

So iim soooorrrrrrryyyy, sorry for not blogging these past couple of days, do you forgive me? i dont know if i can go on without it, *puppy eyes* oooh, you cant stay mad at mee!! :D lol.

So yesterday i went to Cafe101 with Tash Lynne and a coulpe of other people i didnt know, but it was cool i got to know them. oh my jesus, we got so much food! we were stuffing our faces, it was amazing haha. Got carmel honey milk tea, it was pretty epic >_< we were there for a while and we ended up going off to someones house, all eight of us, and played a game called Things. heard of it? well, it dose not work well with alot of people lol, i dont think ill want to play that game anytime soon lol. We ended up switching to apples to apples, i like that game wayy more lol. we played it forever! After we left we went to a 24HR Shiplys :] most amazing thing ever right?? lol, they even had a drive through window, atfer that we went to ihop at around 1am,for coffee and talking, and we were there till 5am!! yeah, were weirdos :] how we roll, ya know.

haha, lynne found a bug in her water though

oh, and.
at Cafe101, there was this lady who looked like my dog fluffy in human form! like, an over grown Ewok with no hair, i swear! yeah, starwars reference ftw!

i got home at 8am today! i was so tired. i laid donw thinking, "ok, ill sleep for like, 30mins, than get up." i woke up at 2:30pm haha. Went out to chill with colin for a bit today, we were going to see vampires suck, but ended up seeing The Other Guys instead, and i gotta say. it was jus ok, i expected more cause will ferral was in it, his movies are usually pretty effin funny! but this was just ok, cant complain too much though cause honestly Vampires Suck would have been one of those funny/idiotic movies anyway lol. We went and got Jasons Deli afterwards, the one place i love almost as much as freebirds >_< lol i got my usual veggie spinach mushroom wrap :]yummyy!

and now im just home, oh and heres something i wanted to say. Having to do with Buffy the vampire slayer, fuck Oz! he is a douche bag, cause he was an awesome character, but nooo he had to fuckup. lol. Yeah im on the fourth season of buffy right now, i know i know, im late lol, its ok though, its like the bast show! i think my favorite character is Willow, cause she is so cute lol and always seems to be good hearted. i think even after the show, ill read the comics, its that good lol!

ok, who else get this, and think its hilarious?? it has to do with the movie, monty python and the holy grail, omg i love that movie haha, and this picture cracks me up! i have a lot of those funny cat pictures lol, their too funny haha.

Tomorr0w, im going out with the ladies, were going to go bowling,and go carting! i love go carts :]the best! and were going to a show after too, i forgot the bands name but their good, ill put up pictures and the band link tomorrow for you guys, good? lol.

i bid you adieu!

yeah, i just went french on your ass.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You are what I never knew I always wanted

So thats me up there,
on Dustins bike :]
cool eh? lol

Today, Markus' grandma deceded to have another, yes another, birthday party for him! there was food, candy, a pinata, a slipNslide, waterbaloon fight and um, thats it,lol. It was pretty good, the food was yummy :] haha, watching them hit the pinata was the best part, all the little boys try to be manly and the little girls try to out man the boys haha. And i swear to god, it was made of plywood, that thing would not break!
Antonio will be 10 this weekend,he is the one with the white shirt
And markus is now 9, he has the orange shorts

Next weekend for antonios birthday, were going to have his little birthday party, BBQ, go to a Dynamos game, and go to splashtown :] Should be pretty fun!

Lastnight i had the weirdest dream. I was in love with some guy *i was 15* and, we lived in horrible apartments. He was a kind of skater boy i guess and he had his own little group of friends and they hated this group of ghetto kids. Well, i guess he was like the leader, cause the ghetto kids decided they should hurt, or even kill me, just to screw with his head. So i was hiding, hitting people that i found him again and i hid behind him. and they backed off. it was sooooo weird haha!
Weird right?

Oh my god. today was like, 350 in the over hot. I was dying outside! I could be ok with is if there was a pool, but dude.. it felt like it was hotter today than it has been any other day. i couldnt take it!

Was suppose to go to cafe101 !!
heehee but im watching XMen2 instead :D they are my favorite! i sorta wish they kept making more movies,i mean they have nothing on the comics but, i love them lol, and the cartoon too!

Oh, and just so everyone knows,
SailorMoon trumps DBZ!

sorryyyy :]

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You need to be inside,You have to love her, to be able to kill her

the itouch pic up there is from when it snowed last december :]
im watching Buffy, and trying to blog,
very difficult!

so today was just a lazy slightly rainy day! Finally got my parking permit for school, omg that college site is shit. They need help setting it up, cause nothing ever really works. Like, it looks like it dose, takes you in a circle for a bit and than just turns you around and screws you over. Lovely, huh?

So i just watched the Buffy episode, where Angel turns bad again, no humanity and all that jazz you know? And its right after buffy and him we finally together..they did it. Well! There was a gypsy curse on him, from a long ass time ago. He like, killed a bunch of them so they cursed him with a soul, to morn forever about everything and everyone he hurt until he is truely happy again, in love and forgives his past. Then! he will turn again, no soul. poor buffy!! thats sad right?

Or am i just being a girl? haha.

poor poor Buffy.

Angel is hot :]

I still haven't seen all the seasons, but i will eventually! Lynne needs to make me watch them with her lol. ohohohhh beach on sunday!! yay! last time we saw that rank dead shark! creepy. And Verna grabbed it by the spine! even creepier. But, my type'a woman. haha

Im eating cookies, and i cant sleep.
I sorta feel, um, wide awake

its horrible.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

its simple, im yours and your mine.

love it.

Keith and Renee - Just The Way You Are

Everything Will Be Ok

Hey, Mac or PC? help me decide lol

made something new today, other than my signature cinnamon, i made a vanilla coco latte :] its pretty awesome. ohh me and my silly caffeine addiction, its love/hate. You see, in highschool i would take the bus to school right? so i had coffee in the morning cause well, i need my eyes open haha. well, i guess three years of coffee all the time is not good for you lol, i got some kind if caffeine infection, and i had to take antibiotic pills for a month plus no caffeine for that whole month, it was a killer. haha.

i dont drink it as much now, but i love it still

So today I WAS going to watch buffy with lynne, but go figure the dvd player decides to spaz out, thanks universe. So i ended up watching the re runs of Pretty Little Liars! not too bad. And the season finale it tonight at 7pm, and than degrassi at 8pm :] im a dork, oh well. i admit it and say it proudly!

Oh and, turns out the niece i was about to have, the one i was so excited about cause i only have nephews, is a boy. damnit! again, thanks universe. His name is Xavier Aiden Ramirez, cute right? omg, im going to buy him Band onesies! the misfits, beatles, doors, everything! lol, i make my nephews little punks, i cant help it. lol! I remember when Antonio got his mohawk for the first time, it was heart wrenching! he was too cute lol

Ugh, i need to go do laundry..im feeling real lazy right now lol, i just dont feel like finding the hangers hidden around my room lol. i dont even think i have enough hangers anyway, i go and steal my brothers haha, he never notices lol.

going to UH tomorrow with the ladies, they need their books. God, i need to get mine soon, why are chem books so much! its horrible, ill need to sell my kidney on the black market soon! Maybe even a leg. Ill be a one legged,one kidney'd Bio major. Well, at least ill be interesting, right?

but i love my kidney, it dose things :[

aw man..theres still sand in my bag
damn. haha

Lord_Voldemort7: #tvshowswewantback: Buffy. This vampire thing is out of control, bring back the slayer.

^^ Lord Voldemort, my reason for twitter!

ok, treat your ears to a little something good, :]

Monday, August 9, 2010

Befriend Many, Trust Few and eat sesame chicken.

hello their sir! ma'am!

So yesterday was my nephew Marcus's birthday! Antonios Birthday is August 22, their 1 year apart, so Marcus is now 9!! and so tall! both of them are almost taller than i am, and im about to be 20 soon haha, crazy right? it was just the family over, nothing too big, cooked, made good food, had cake it was simple and nice :] cant afford to throw big things right now lol.

So! for any degrassi lovers out there, this is the last day to get the season premieres from every season free! except for the boiling point since its the new one. Im downloading them as we speak haha! what i really want is all the avatar episodes on my itouch

**HELP** i have all the episodes on my network, but i cant drag+drop them to my itouch, how do i do it? please someone help :[ its life or death. Ive been trying to do this for like ever! i need them on there. lol :3

 im now forced to get myself some chinese food for lunch! fatty, bad for you, but satisfying! and thats what really counts right? i mean, i hate eating super healthy. Sometimes ill get a salad, usually if its spinach not lettuce, but for the most part i hate salads. Their usually gross, and i worked in a salad place,ive seen them all! haha.

anyone know anywhere hiring? ive been applying and whatnot

Ok so its offical, were moving to the Abbey on Briarforest soon, to a 3brd room. Its nice, the apartment amenities are pretty sweet, my room will be a bit smaller though :[ where will i hade my book shelf? damn. and idk if my desk will make the cut either!! anyone need any of those items? for loan only!! lol.

So, im going to go eat now!

have a good lunch!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quickie! haha.

So ive recently become obsessed with this song,its Mumford and Sons- little lion man! its so amazing! i lovelovelove it haha. sorry for this short post :[ ill try to have a way more exciting blog just for you few readers lol! oh, pause the music on my blog before you play this! enjoy!

Beach Day Success

oh yeah, Galvaston, nice brown pretty water -_- lol
Eh, crystal beach to be exact, so yesterday we went to the beach!! it was awesome i love it, even if JB says its not a beach! haha. It was me, lynne, Tash, Verna, Oscar, Ronnie, Janette, Martinez and Cousar and Essay it was fuuuunnn! Haha essays car got stuck right when we got to the beach! so some redhead guy charged us like 10$ so he could tow it out so he did, but than he gave the money back! lol, love those redheads. So! we found a spot and went in!
i love the beach way better cause its not cold like a pool, its warm and you can go right in. I actually went in deep this time, i never do cause in a bit afraid to, but everyone was there so it wasent that bad lol. I got taken over by a wave like three times and thrown in by cousar once,and omg the salt water burns your throat so bad!! Oh, and i saw a jellyfish!! right in front of me! i sorta screamed and took off lol, cause it like brushed up against my arm and scared me! it was little and white and about the size of my hand. i asked javi later about it, cause hes a surfer so i assume he would know what kind it was, maybe lol, and he said its called like a cabbage head and they dont sting :] thank god haha.
Oh man i was soooo tired after the beach! the drive back always takes forever too, so we went to lynnes, changed, ate at a restaurant went back to tashas and called it a night, oh man and im still tired. But i wouldn't mind going again :] i love the beach, but we need to BBQ there next time!

Ok, so here are some pics,
check out the face we made!

its amazing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Legend of Korra!

So, i had a long night haha. Was out at janettes place all night with my friends, just hanging out all night and whatnot. Played scene it, and twister. And mannn am i starving! i just ate subway and im still hungry! Beach tomorrow!! :3 Last night was fun :]

So, they are doing a spin off of one of my favorite animated series!! Avatar: The Last AirBender! ok, so its called The Legend of Korra. It takes place 70 years after the last series ended,same world, so yeah that means Ang is dead :[ . So there a anti- bender revolt happening, Korra has mastered water, fire and earth. So she need to learn Air now! but who will teach her? Ang and Kataras son!Tenzin! an air bender. here is a picture of Korra looking down at Republic City, her crime infested home. The writers have said, in not so many words, that some people from the old series will pop up, so im thinking Katara *duh and Ang, even though he is dead Korra can talk to him in the avatar state. Its going to be showing sometime next year, i cant wait!!


So i think were going to be moving into a smaller apartment for the short time being, cause were paying for a 4 bed room, when we only need a four. So were moving to that place sometime this or next month! i saw a showing of the place, its nice, and across from my friend alex's place too! The amenities area was pretty awesome too, it has like a hangout area, kitchen,theater room, exercise room, the pools are nice, its a nice place, well nicer than where i am now at least haha.

im watching The Last AirBender right now
:3 its pretty much the best
whats your fave show?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


i was ment to dream
everything real seems to be
dreamlike to me
i jump, i dont fall, i fly
i look up
there is no sky,
no one can hurt me
no one can die
the sun shines
and my world keeps on turning
i dont see it
but the real world is burning
the smoke is seeping into my view
i cant see, everyones gone
my world is askew
i fall, i dont fly
smoke all around me
its tearing up my eyes
into the real world i fall

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mmmm Cinnamon latte, by me :3

yeah, thats cinnamon coffee im sipping on up there :] Yummy

So hello! Its so nice outside today, in houston, i feel like going to discovery green and just laying out in the sun. Or maybe the pool, not my pool though cause i would die lol, or disappear off the face of the planet. ya know. Actuly, it would be a great day to go roller blading! i love in line skating its too fun, but again, not around where i live haha, i dont want to be bothered by the creeps here. I use to go skating everyday when i was little, like my blades were my lively hood haha. i had a nice pair too, Black with neon green bingings and neon green wheels, so nice. And they were such a smooth ride! i remember one time i was out skating, and a big rusty nail went strait into my wheel, stopped it from turning, and well, i went flying forward! it was horrible haha, and than i had to pull the nail out with pliers. But my blades were ok and alive. second best is ice skating!

So, like any girl i have my favorite show to watch:

Secret Life of The American Teenager
Pretty Little Liars
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Avatar:The Last AirBender
Vampire Diaries

I can never get enough of these shows haha, Degrassi is my longtime favorite though! My friend marina turned me onto it when we were little and i got addicted! ive even seen the classic shows! its so good, i swear it is haha. Pretty Little Liars is a new show, but its just as good! i think any girl would love that show. Its actuly on tonight! as well as a new degrassi :3 heehee.

So ive been listening to my friends music alot lately, Henery, his band is Without A Face and hes awesome. hes the only one in the band, but its still amazing! the lyrics, his voice, his playany its all a package deal! haha. two of my favorite song are Druggie Love, and Brattford Stafford, both way too funny! heres a vid link, watch it please! the sound isnt that great, but its still awesome, you should buy it from iTunes, so worth it haha


Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fluffanator!

yeah thats Fluffy up there ^^ Dosent she look like a Ewok? you know from starwars lol the simularities are amazing right? haha

So i Uploaded some pictures from my grandpas funeral, you can see the Army guys who gave the 21 gun salute, that was pretty cool. And you can see my dad, brothers and others holding the coffin, it has a flag on it too, its nice.

So yesterday i didnt do much except hate my upstairs neighbors, and go to Tashas to bake rocky road brownies, i should have taken pictures! haha. ok so ill explain about the neighbors. Their assholes. haha, ok so any time i walk out of my apartment, all i hear is "hey baby! hey!...hey!..hey baby! wanna ride this? hey! hey!bonita! ay! ay gurl! gury! ay!" till i get to the car. wtf! how often dose that even work for them??! honestly,, if i was able to murder with out any consequences i wouold stab their face off. i would! ah they are SO aggravating. oh so theres a plus, i wont have to see them once i move haha.

god i hate them.

Anyway!! we made the best rockyroad brownies ever! the marshmellows were the best part, yummyyy. we didnt go out or anything, just stayed at tashas and did what girls do, you know lol. And well, im not sure what im doing today, right now im just texting JB and on the net, oh ill go make lunch..or get subway! thats a better plan :3 haha