Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Passion Fruit yum!

Good afternoon!
Its not too pretty out today :/

I just got out of my Psychology class, and i got to say it run long but i really like my professor. He is freaking hilarious!The way he explains things, is completely understandable and you find your self going " ooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooohhh" a lot. haha. Today he made it a point for us to see and understand why religion is not fact, and it belongs in Philosophy and i agree. Psychology is a science, it is facts. Again i agree. Some one in our class was trying to bring religion into our psychology discussion on behaviorism and stimuli and so on, and it ( the person) made no sense. I thought what they said was irrelevant. " but jesus was a person". ok? But religion is a belief, it cannot be proven, and it belongs in religious philosophy. And of course, these kind of things brought up in class leads to a conversation that never ends, its just argue argue argue, there is no end! its like no one is right lol.

i feel like im in a writing kind of mood today. I was thinking of a story last night, a sci-fi kind of story. Based in space, earth is inhabitable and i liked it but, i felt the idea was too played out. Agree? SIGH!

And i think ill see what comes of trying to write out that love story where no one Everything is still all jumbled!! :p

I put up a new post on my 2nd blog, , its from when my Grandpa was in hospis.

Well not too much has happened yet today! im about to get my passion fruit smoothie though :p

mmmmmmmmmmM!MMMmmmmm1mm1mmmM!M!m :D its like amazing dude :p"""

Monday, February 21, 2011

mmmm, coconut tea :p

^^ painted that out of boredom the other day :]

Salutations and greetings!
first things first, how are you?

i had a nice full weekend! like, full to the max no down time tiring weekend lol. Today is my downtime, Monday, presidents day and i have no class :] its nice.

Well Friday i was suppose to go bowling, a bunch of us met up at Alejandro's house and we planned to go bowling, there were um, 6 of us. Well two didn't show up, one of which had the car to all go in cause it was big. lol, so we ended up going to the roller rink! you know, the one on dairyashford. If your in Houston, you know. Well of course it was filled with little kids everywhere, and that wasn't so bad because all you have to do id doge them. But the arrogant douche bags who work there but were off but were there anyway, they were the ones to watch out for. You see, they are pretty good in line skaters and all, they have the uber nice skates and know all the tricks. But they go so fast around these kids and they literally jump in front of you, cut you off and you fall. Who dose that? what an asshole. One of them actually picked up a cone, skated around the rink once with it, put it back exactly infront of a little girl who wiped out pretty bad. i was like >:0 - Douche!! that same bastard kept cutting me off too.


After getting home around like what, midnight? My grandma B was at my house, some family were visiting Houston for the weekend so they dropped my grandma off at our place. It was pretty cool, we ended up bbq'ing a lot on Saturday, but i also went to the mall to buy some clothes from Forever21, i love that store to freaking death. I got this awesome shirt, its loose, has two big pink flowers on it, got a pair of navy shorts that im loving :] and some new sandals. Also went off to Sallys beauty supply with my mom, i got this conditioner that is suppose to help your hair to be more vibrant, bring out the color and all so we'll see how that goes.

Sunday we went to the flea market! i love it there lots of random things and lots of food. We got there and the line to get in was ridiculous! it took like 30 minutes! it was because it was such a pretty day, but really? and! they only had one line taking money for parking, wtf? lol.
Well we got there and oh man it was full lol, but fun. I got some fruit with chili :] yummm, i like the coconut the best. We were there for like 6 hours lol i got this

i dont normally like gold but i loved this :]

So the winter killed my plants :[
and the plants in my apartments too
why god! whyyy!!!

Actually, one of my plants survived, my lemon tree plant :]

AND!!! i wanted to show you guys how to make a little snack :] i have no idea what the name is.

1. you need viggie oil, two tortillas, i use flour, and cinnamon sugar, just cinnimon and sugar mixed.

2. Pour the veggie oil in a pan and let it heat up, a small deep pan is preferred

Next, make sure you have napkins down on the plate to soak the oil when you pull the tortilla off.

3. To see if the oil is hot enough, touch part of the tortilla into the pan. If it starts to sizzle, its ready, if not, give it a minute or two.

4. when the oil is ready, put the tortilla in and let it fry until its a nice toasty light brown color. Use two forks to flip it over, do the same. Then pull it off and onto your plate with a napkin.

5. When your done with the first tortilla, sprinkle your desired amount of cinnamon sugar on it. Then, you can make another, or eat!

Hope you enjoy it <3

im Capricorn :]

In order from left-top to right-top:
Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo.
In order from left-bottom to right-bottom:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here comes the sun!

so i'm feeling better!!
The meds are working great :] but i get tired earlier and earlier, like last night i think i fell asleep at like 7pm, fucking early! Right?

Its a Wednesday so all i had was Psychology, and it was taking forever cause i really really needed to pee haha, but he wont let us leave to use the restroom! its unfair. So i was distracted by that haha. Oh and, since tons of people tend to be late to his class, though it starts at 9:30am and its not that early, he told everyone that when the door is closed it means you are late and you can not come in. So just go home. Harsh, but its stupid how late people come in, like an hour into class. Why even come? you missed it all! its annoying. There are even some people who are late for tests, morons. lol.

You know that saying, "there are no stupid questions", well i kindly disagree. If you could take my English class with me, you would see that there are plenty of stupid useless idiotic questions. Im going to snap! i will destroy them i swear -_-'

Mmm, im at kims tea house and just had myself a veggie sandwich, my coconut tea and some chips :p i love this place haha im here almost every other day. Ah i was starving though!! Oh and fellow Houstonians ( Houstonites?) have you stepped outside?? you really should! it is very pretty! not too sunny, but pretty none the less! its so nice, im wearing shorts :D oh yeah.

So ive hit writers block again with the love story where no one dies. Its like, the story is all in my head but its tangled up, and i cant get it out onto paper. But, i have thought of another plot for a murder story :] those just come so much easier to me lol. But again, i have not written that one down either, i try and i get all twitchy. Fail. lol

I miss my stupid devil cat :[ haha, i miss hating her damnit!!

I got flowers for Valentines Day :]
Like the Panorama view? or is it panoramic?

Oh and i did my nails while i was sick haha :]

Hm, i should take more pictures of my days to post up on here huh?
i will!

Bye! <3

Monday, February 14, 2011


well, ive had the flu all weekend :[
and im taking some meds now and thank raptor jesus im feeling better, but not quite completly! ahh, i hate being sick, it puts me back on my hw and studies, especially the flu! oh my god, it was painfull dude! i totally felt like my whole body pulsing, and it was hurting, it hurt to even walk! i was super feverish, shaky, coughing my lungs out, it was horrible. I slept most of the time and pretty much didnt eat, just liquids, i wasnt hungry. Finally started getting hungry again today though lol. At kims tea house doing my english work that i missed out on :p oh and happy valentines day to you guys

jesus the flu is horrible.
and i dint even have it that bad compared to others!
and i swear i took like 50 boiling hot showers, it was the only thing helping lol

immune system fail :[ haha
this isnt a long post


Sunday, February 6, 2011

i move the stars for no one

Oh haiiii!! :D

^^ yeahhh its the only picture with a jersey that i have haha, Houston Texans :p you have to help em' out a bit ya know?
So super bowl today!! Yeah im not too excited about it, i like Rugby, Hockey, Baseball and soccer so Super Bowls not to big in my eyes lol, but, im siding with the green bay packers for two reasons! ONE i like the colors lol TWO there is a Green Bay Packers headquarters bar next to my place and i dont want to be jumped :p lol so, GREEN&YELLOW!

Im so fucking relieved that it not 20 outside anymore, what was that anyway, Houston was going crazy, Dallas got 2.2ft of snow, it was like the almost apocalypse! Well today it was sunny, clear skys, nice breeze, i even wore my sandals lol.

Ah so i wrote up a new story the other day, its a Valentines Day type theme and so far ive heard great feed back on it :] If you havent read it please do and enjoy, or leave feedback! My dad thinks i should write a -boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back- story, so i think thats the new story theme ill be going by, in that one, no one will die, finally lol.

Ive been doing a lot of writing this weekend, lots for school anyways

Id really like to go to kims teahouse right now and write/type up a story but i want to use my laptop damnit, and theres still no new battery for it :/ its just annoying.

Well i need to print up some things, write out a story and i think ill watch me some Buffy :]

Love you long time!!