Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walk Tall!

^^ thats me and my mom at La Madeline :3

So i've been a bad blogger :/ lol!!

Sorryyyyy, uber busy a lot lately. Been doing alot of school work, essays, if youve been reading my second blog, chemistry studying, then work too, and plain ol' going out! i went to see the new facebook movie today! the social network, its pretty good! i totally recommend it.

Today i went shopping for my sisters baby shower, bought some baby clothes, and ordered a Jimi Hendrix onesie at HotTopic :] its way too cute lol

So heres what i got, minus the Jimi one, because i have to pick it up tomorrow

And here is the crib

Oh man, my parent and i went to La Madeline the other day and it was so good. We sat outside, and i got the vegeterian hot sandwich and i was awesome.

I have been writing a lot more lately, and yes yes, i know i have various grammatical errors everywhere, lol, but i type it so fast it just happens. I go back and check it but i never get all of them so please, bare with me haha. I have a note book that i bought today for my stories on the go lol, because i always end up writing them in a random chem. or English note book, so this is just easier. And i think im going to write a second part for the "Our Destined Red Planet" story, because i leave it hanging in the end and people keep asking about it, and wanting more from that story, so i just might, 'ive already started on it :]

So im going to turn in my essay real quick online, and then ill post it to Blog#2 so you can give me any feedback you want to :] then i have a second essay to start, its a argumentative essay. Were given topics and so far the best one to write on is "should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes" so, we'll see how that goes. And i have a presentation to put together for speech, a persuasive presentation. I think i might do it on KTRU, you know, SAVE KTRU!, i think it'll go well


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescued miners and the perks

COPIAPO, Chile - Chile's 33 newly rescued miners recovered from their ordeal on Thursday while also pondering the celebrity status they have gained following a more than two-month entrapment deep under a remote desert. Most of the miners were found to be in decent health despite being stuck in a collapsed mine tunnel since August 5. The men were resting in a hospital after being hoisted to the surface in a rescue operation watched by millions worldwide. One of the miners had pneumonia and was being treated with antibiotics. In a complicated but flawless operation under the far northern desert of the South American nation, the miners were hauled out one-by-one through 2,050 feet of rock in a metal capsule little wider than a man's shoulders. With much of the world transfixed on TV, celebrations erupted in Chile. The miners, who set a world record for survival underground, were welcomed as national heroes. It took about 22 hours from the time the first miner was brought to the surface until the last miner was pulled to freedom late on Wednesday, and then another roughly 2-1/2 hours until the last of the six rescuers also emerged from the gold and copper mine early on Thursday. "It's so incredible that they all made it out alive," said 51-year-old Luis Pina, a miner, hugging a perfect stranger as he celebrated in the main square in Copiapo where thousands of people cheered and waved red, white and blue Chilean flags. "We have done what the entire world was waiting for," said shift foreman Luis Urzua who enforced tight rations of their limited food and supplies before help could arrive. "We had strength, we had spirit, we wanted to fight, we wanted to fight for our families, and that was the greatest thing." The first rescue worker d own was last up — Manuel Gonzalez, a mine rescue expert with Chile's state-owned Codelco copper company, talked the men through the final hours inside the mine. Then, he spent 26 minutes alone down below before he strapped himself into the capsule for the ride up. He reached the surface at 12:32 a.m. Thursday local time (11:32 p.m. Wednesday ET) to hugs from his comrades and President Sebastian Pinera. Despite the suffering they went through, the previously unknown miners now have plenty to look forward to if they want to take up the offers open to them. Among a flood of invitations and gifts, Real Madrid and Manchester United have invited the miners — many of whom are avid soccer fans — to watch them play in Europe. Book, film contracts A flamboyant local singer-turned-businessman has given them $10,000 each, while Apple boss Steve Jobs has sent them all a latest iPod and a Greek firm has offered an islands tour. Most of the miners are unlikely to return to their old employment, with various job offers, plus book and film contracts, coming their way in the wake of their experience. President Pinera, whose popularity has risen over his handling of the crisis, was at the San Jose mine in the Atacama desert to greet each man as he emerged and plans to host them at his palace in the capital Santiago. "I hand the shift over to you," Urzua, who was the last miner out, told Pinera. Having suffered a massive earthquake in February that killed more than 500 people, Chileans were euphoric about the happy ending to their latest challenge and proud of the technology that went into the successful rescue. Church bells and car horns sounded across Chile in celebration, while family members and well-wishers both wept and laughed for joy outside the mine. President Barack Obama and other world leaders sent messages of congratulations, saying the miners' survival was an inspiration to all. When the mine caved in on August 5, the men were all thought dead in yet another of Latin America's litany of mining accidents. But rescuers found them 17 days later with a bore hole the width of a grapefruit. That tiny hole became an umbilical cord used to pass hydration gels, water and food to keep them alive until a bigger space could be bored to bring them up. Mining has played a central but often sad role in Latin America since the Spanish conquistadors' first hunt for gold. For centuries, conditions were appalling but they have improved radically in recent decades and the industry has helped fuel an economic boom in some nations including Chile. The rescue process — via a metal capsule named Phoenix after the mythical bird that rose from the ashes — will do no harm to the reputation of Chile, which is already an investor's favorite in the region due to its economic progress. "I hope that this serves as a lesson so that things change in Chilean mining," said Gonzalez, the rescuer, after emerging. "I hope this never happens again."

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

And i know your mine!

So my 'stache is coming in,
its pretty sweet.. ;]

Todays been a very productive day
Nephews soccer game, hes team captin
and pretty much best on the team

I took a bunch of pictures for their site, my sisters boyfriend is their coach this season lol. Its cute seeing them all play but sometimes i want to yell "beat them! kill them! Kick it!" but you cant, you can only say encouraging things like :nice job! good kick!" and you cant boo. SO i just stick to yelling their names, their team name and whooooooooooooOOOOoooOOOooo. lol, it works. Sometimes they introduce them, and he is Antonio "The Wall" Curoooo!!!! haha, so cute.

Lets seee, i wrote my essay on Prejudice in America today, its on the second blog if you want to go check that out, and theres a new story "our destined red planet" go on, read it and leave me feedback :]lol http://monthofdecember.blogspot.com/

its really freaking hot in my room,
damnit. come fix it?

Ive just been home for the most part today,just hanging out, writing, getting my horror story on ya know? lol

Might go out with Steve tonight for some sushi!

mmmmmmmmm, raw fish..sometime not raw, and cooked eel:p


ok, short post and what not, bye! :]

PS. Kitteh 'Stache!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toxic sludge spills into Danube River

KOLONTAR, Hungary - Toxic red sludge that burst out of a metals plant reservoir — killing at least four people and causing serious burns to others — reached the mighty River Danube Thursday. The European Union and environmental officials had feared an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge, a waste product of making aluminum, contaminated the 1,775-mile Danube, the second longest in Europe. However an Hungarian emergency official said Thursday that no immediate damage to the river was evident. The reservoir break Monday disgorged a toxic torrent into local creeks that flow into waterways connected to the Danube. Creeks in Kolontar, the closest town to the spill site and about 45 miles south of the Danube, were swollen ochre red Wednesday and villagers said they were devoid of fish. The red sludge reached the western branch of the Danube early Thursday, Hungarian rescue agency spokesman Tibor Dobson told the state MTI news agency. He did not address concerns that the caustic slurry might contain toxic metals, but said its pH content had been reduced to the point where it was unlikely to cause further damage to the environment. Dobson said the pH content, which officials earlier said was at a highly alkaline 13 on a scale of zero to 14, was now under 10 and no dead fish had been spotted where the slurry was entering the Danube. The National Disaster Management Directorate, in a separate statement, said the pH value was at 9.3 and constantly decreasing. Normal ph levels for surface water range from 6.5 to 8.5. Waterways devastated But the sludge devastated the less mighty Marcal River. "Life in the Marcal River has been extinguished," Dobson told The Associated Press, referring to the 25-mile stretch of the river that carried the red waste from Kolontar into the Raba River, which then flows into the Danube. He said emergency crews were pouring plaster and acetic acid — vinegar — into the Raba-Danube meeting point to lower the slurry's pH value. "The main effort is now being concentrated on the Raba and the Danube," he said. "That's what has to be saved." Dobson said the lack of immediate environmental damage to the Danube or Raba was "by no means a victory declaration," cautioning that dead fish could still turn up shortly. South of Hungary, the Danube flows through Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova before emptying into the Black Sea. Daily water tests At the Croatian village of Batina, the first site after the Danube leaves Hungary, experts were taking water samples Thursday which they will repeat daily for the next week, the state-run news agency HINAS reported. In Romania, water levels were reported safe Thursday, with testing being carried out every three hours, said Romanian Waters spokeswoman Ana Maria Tanase. She said the Danube water had a pH of 8.5, which was within normal levels, but tests were being done to check for heavy metals. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the three villages coated by the red sludge Thursday and declared the worst-hit area a write-off, saying he sees "no sense" in rebuilding in the same location. "It is difficult to find the words. Had this happened at night, everybody would be dead," Orban told reporters. He reiterated that the disaster could not have been due to natural causes. "This is an unprecedented ecological catastrophe in Hungary. Human error is more than likely. The wall (of the reservoir) did not disintegrate in a minute. This should have been detected." Local officials said 34 homes in Kolontar were unlivable. However, furious residents said the disaster had destroyed the whole community of 800 by making their land valueless. 'A dead town' Angry villagers gathered outside the mayor's office late Wednesday and berated a senior official of MAL Rt., the Hungarian Aluminum Production and Trade Company that owns the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant, demanding compensation. "The whole settlement should be bulldozed into the ground," bellowed Janos Potza. "There's no point for anyone to go back home." "Those who can, will move out of Kolontar. From now on, this is a dead town," fumed Beata Gasko Monek. Others relived their experience in the deluge. "I hung in the sludge for 45 minutes... It had a strong current that almost swept me away but I managed to hang on to a strong piece of wood of the pigsty," another Kolontor resident, Etelka Stump, said. "But I could hardly breathe because that air, that smell, that froth really hit me." Disaster crews, military personnel and villagers continued to clear away rubble and search for the missing people. It is still not known why part of the reservoir collapsed. Authorities have ordered a criminal inquiry into the accident, which injured 120 and left three people missing in addition to the four known to have died. It is estimated the torrent included 35 million cubic feet of toxic waste. A spokeswoman for the National Police said investigators would look into whether on-the-job carelessness was a factor. The huge reservoir, more than 1,000 feet by 1,500 feet, was no longer leaking and a triple-tiered protective wall was being built around its damaged section. Guards have been posted at the breach to give an early warning in case of any new emergency. Water supplies may be affected The sludge spill is "one of the top three environmental disasters in Europe in the last 20 or 30 years," said Herwit Schuster, a spokesman for Greenpeace International. The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube, which manages the river and its tributaries, said the sludge spill could trigger long-term damaging effects for both wildlife and humans. "It is a very serious accident and has potential implications for other countries," Philip Weller, the group's executive secretary, said from Brussels. Weller said factories and towns along the Danube may have to shut down their water intake systems. He said large fish in the Danube could ingest any heavy metals carried downstream, potentially endangering people who eat them. Red sludge is a byproduct of the refining of bauxite into alumina, the basic material for manufacturing aluminum. Treated sludge is often stored in ponds where the water eventually evaporates, leaving behind a dried red clay-like soil. Hungarian company officials have insisted the sludge is not considered hazardous waste, according to EU standards. The company has also rejected criticism that it should have taken more precautions at the reservoir. Alumina plants are scattered around the world, with the 12 largest concentrated in Australia, Brazil and China. The plant in Hungary ranks 53rd in the world in production, according to industry statistics.

This is just something i thought you should know about

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, well hello there stranger!

Look at me..all manly with my Texans jersey

Its been a long week. lol.

Sorry for ignoring you interweb!

Just your usual school, work,school, work. Went to rice village a couple of days ago, on saturday i think? Went to eat at this resturant that i cant remember lol, went to a french bakery :p And it was amazing, it was tiny, cute, and yummy, itsnot worth the drive though lol for me atleast, i dont think i could do it lol. Went to this small store my dad loves called 10,000 Villages, it has hand made tings from small villages, and the profit from selling them goes to them :] i got my dad a singing bowl (its pretty awesome), got myself a bag and a bracelet. The bag was made in Tanzania, and the people who make them can put any phrase on the bag that they want to, and mine says "Naishi kiungwana sitaki malumbano" which means "I live in peace and do not argue", its very pretty! and my bracelet was made in Nepal, and has all there symbols on it, that have meaning, but, i dont feel like typing them all. lol.

So guess what! go on, guess!! RenFest is starting this weekend! i want to go so bad! i dont have to go to the one this weekend, but it would be awesome to. It will be happening every weekend till the weekend after thanksgiving :] so i got time, lol. What imuber excited for too is the TurkFest this month! There is going to be so much good food! lol,

aahhh turkfest!!.. sorry,
im excited to eat lots,


Just got back from the mall, shopping spree! it felt good to spend money on clothes for myself :] got a bunch of shirts, a scarf and a really nice jacket. SIGH, i needed that haha. i love me some XXI, oh yeah.

god i really want some taco bell..
ive been wanting it alllllll week!!
but i never end up going..

too tired to drive damnit!!

So i have this weird obsession with trees.
there just so fucking pretty.Damnit.

So im really bored right now, no homework to do, no nothing. And i WANT to go get food buut, im way too tired to drive lol, get me foods? hm?hmmmm? lol.

oh, so the other day i had a chem test and mann, i studied right before the test, well, a couple hours before. And the thing is, that works for me. I dont need to study for days and days, endless hours, i just need a couple before the test, and i recall everything. I got the formulas down, everything. I raped that test. Like, really raped it, i know it. haha. :]

and you know what else? someone told me today that people have eaten babies before.So it made me feel bad about you know, eating baby jokes, dead baby jokes (dark humor much?) but, then i was like, is it really true? lol, but imnot sure if i want to knwo, so, ill hold off on google'ing that bit of info. for my sake, not yours, so by all means! google it!

Harry Potter next month!!! omg. ooooh man, shits going down now!

ok, goodbye interweb!
ill be back soon!