Friday, December 31, 2010

GoodBye 2010

Hello 2011

2010 has been a good year, ive done a lot of traveling with friends and to go see friends. Ive learned a lot from mistakes and ive moved on from them. Ive met a lot of new people who are now friends to me, ive reconnected with old friends to find a spark still there, ive lost a few people this year as well as gaining, ill always miss you but i believe your some where planting you beautiful plants and sippin' on your old people beer that i hate, love you. Ive been thankful for my best friends who are more like sisters to me now. A great thing about 2010 was the birth of my new nephew Aiden 12-16-10, he is too cute. My nephew antonio broke his first bored this year and he was very proud haha.I must say, the summer of 2010 has been my best and most fun summer of time, my girls and i went to Austin, Wimberly, San Antonio, san marcos, we went swimming and tubing in the river, saw a wild turkey with one leg haha went to the pool countless times, to the beach where i swam into a jelly fish, vernas grabbed a dead sharks spine, we made a sand persons face, buried oscar in the sand, almost killed essays car, in fact we have crashed into eachothers cars haha. We went go cart racing! discovery green to screen onthe green, we went to shows and saw The Drums. Its been a hell of a year. My New Years resolution is to not give up, and to not give in.

Have a good one you guys! interwebs and RL!

* pictures from this year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Im 20 now

well its my birthday! im now 20 years old!

yeah its sort of like a tease age, cause i still cant drink legally yet haha

thankyou you everyone for the birthday wishes! im going to my little birthday dinner tonight so ill put up a few pics later. So my cousin mat is a youtube-er and he made me this :]

Sunday, December 26, 2010


im on a different laptop so heres a random picture.
pretty, eh?

i know i havent been updating much, but its been a weird past two to three weeks. Ive been feeling so out of touch lately, maybe its the weather? maybe im sick? i dont know. Ive been having these crazy head aches too, they last all day and i mean super bringing me to tears mmy head is going to explode painful. It started getting worse gradully. im just taking normal pills for it right now but, im going to go to the doctor soon, as soon as january hits cause thats when the insurance starts again lol. This will suck, but only for a bit longer! ughh, i wish i was sleepy.

ANYWAYYY, what did you guys do for christmas? i spent it with family, we had the present unwrapping at my sisters place. It was fun i got a new scarf,hat glove set and a body wash thing. It was fun, had a bbq rib dinner.

im watching house right now, sorta love this show.

so its JUST sorta kinda started getting cold, and its only somewhat cold. Why dose houston continue to torture me so.

I really dont have much to write but im trying lol. I wish i had some like, nachos right now or something, i want to adopt a new cat, i want to go rnning but i dont think i should go alone cause i support the buddy system!, i wish is would snow houstons versions of snow, i would totally love some pupusas right now too best food ever, i want to go to corpus, i want to go to london, i want to go to ireland, and i want to go to paris, i would love to go ice skating right now that or to the roller rink..

ok thats enough for now!

:] have a good day/night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No sleep for the restless

this world can be an amazing supreme perfectly horrible awesome idiotic sunshine filled black hole ridden place sometimes. But all i have to really say is to try to keep optimistic. Go ahead and punch something every once in a while, sing your heart out. Just please remember that its never the end of the world, wether its a huge big uber deal or a small one, its never the end of the world, its the end of a chapter and a new one will start.

Like my wisdom? ;]
oh yeahh, haha

So its winter break now, and its not very wintery at all. Its kind of disappointing but i love just wearing my sandals all the time. I have a feeling that January will be freezing though, like winter weather is late.
Lets see, Aiden was born and oh my god he is cute, and such a good baby too! he hardly ever fusses or cries. Christmas is this saturday and i know antonio is going to love my gifts i got him :] best aunt ever, right here lol.

My birthday is this upcoming tuesday, the 28th :] ill be 20, its like a tease birthday. You can almost drink legally in public with friends but oh,not quite yet.

i need fooooood.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hate Is Easy; Love Takes Courage

So here is some Harry Potter New[ish] stuff :]
Im a harry potter nerd,deal with it.
At leats it rapes twilight

On Monday, July 30, J.K. Rowling gave a live on-line webcast interview, and she gave out more information as to what happens in the time of the epilogue in Book 7.
J.K. said the world was a sunnier, happier place after the seventh book and the death of Voldemort.

Harry Potter, who always voiced a desire to become an Auror, or someone who fights dark wizards, was named head of the Auror Department under the new wizarding government headed by his friend and ally, Kingsley Shacklebolt.
His wife, Ginny Weasley, stuck with her athletic career, playing for the Holyhead Harpies, the all-female Quidditch team. Eventually, Ginny left the team to raise their three children — James, Albus and Lily — while writing as the senior Quidditch correspondent for the wizarding newspaper, the Daily Prophet.
When asked “What child did harry give the marauders map to if any,” J.K. said, “I’ve got a feeling he didn’t give it to any of them, but that James sneaked it out of his father’s desk one day.”
Contrary to a quote in an earlier interview, J.K. says Ron Weasley joined his brother, George, as a partner at their successful joke shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. George named his first child and son Fred, and he goes on to have a very successful career, helped by Ron.
Hermione Granger, Ron’s wife, furthered the rights of subjugated creatures, such as house elves, in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures before joining the magical law enforcement squad. The couple had two children — Rose and Hugo.
Harry and his friends have their own history depicted on Chocolate Frogs cards. Ron will describe this as his finest hour.
A new, improved Percy ended up as a high-ranking official in the new Ministry of Magic under Kingsley. Dolores Umbridge was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for crimes against Muggleborns.
Teddy Lupin grew up living with his grandmother Andromeda. However, unlike Neville, who was also raised by his grandmother, Teddy had his godfather, Harry, and all his father’s friends in the Order, to visit and stay with.
Luna Lovegood, Harry’s airily distracted friend with a love for imaginary animals who joins the fight against Voldemort in the Order of the Phoenix, becomes a famous wizarding naturalist who eventually marries the grandson of Newt Scamander, author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”
Scorpius Malfoy has a lot going against him, not least that name. However, J.K. said she thinks Scorpius would be an improvement on his father.
Winky the House-Elf is still at Hogwarts, and she was one of the oncoming house-elves who attacked the Death Eaters in the final battle.
After the battle, Firenze was welcomed back into the herd. The rest of the herd was forced to acknowledge that Firenze’s pro-human leanings were not shameful, but honourable. And Mr. weasley did eventually get around to fixing Sirius’ motorbike. Of course, it ended up in Harry’s possession.
When asked would Lockhart ever recover, J.K. replied, “No. Nor would I want him to. He’s happy where he is, and I’m happier without him!”

So that was my harry potter splurge for, uh like the week. I personally loved the 7th part1 movie, it thought it was awesome! WhenRons arm gets all bloody and twisted, or when Doby dies! and fuckin' Belitrix. I hate her, and, she is my favorite character. You just want to punch her. lol. Alot of people ended up feeling like not much happened in the movie, and that it was boring, mainly because you didnt see the big battle or the Harry VS voldemort scene. Its in the part2. The Harry Potter movie i find boring, sorta, it the Half-blood Prince. I mean, if i had to choose out of all the movies which was the boring one, that would be it. My favorite is The Goblet Of Fire, i like the dragons. :]

So whats happened? I cooked with tash and lynne the other night, omg it was so good! and im sorry but i ate it before i ever had a chance to snap a picture to show you lol. We made, shrimp tacos, made pico de gayo, made this like butter scotch crumb with nutela, and watched Scream ahah. it scared tash! oh man, i love shrimp, i freakin' love sea food. The best kind is sushi or Sea Food Gumbo new Orleans style :] so good!

I got to admit, ive actually been busy these past couple of days, class finals, new essay to write due monday midnight, chem finals soon, and speech. And doing a presentation today too. So seeing the wives was nice, gotta let loose sometimes ya know! im going to try to finish my essay saturday night.

Yesterday i worked out alot, ive been putting exercise off mainly cause i have to motivation and its cold lol. So i laid out my yoga mat and just started working out :] but i sorta kinda was watching my favorite show Bones on netflix at the same time lol SL says thats cheating but i think it just helps, kinda haha.

So i have been thinking about my birthday and what not, and i think ill have a small dinner with my wives at the Hard Rock Cafe, i need to see if there are maybe any shows that day, and i think i want to gett my tattoo :] or A tattoo, i have things in mind.

God im starving right, now, ooh! the school store just opened :p foooood

mmm, got a ceral bar thing its cherrios, some pringles chips and water, TRYing to be a bit healthy. So atleast i didnt get soda and hot chips lol

So im about to start my classification essay, and the topic is - churchgoers: the devout, the insincere, the socialites. I think it'll be interesting.I dont really feel focused right now, i want coffee and im cold, lol.

So remember that cluster of suicides? and the people who did it were gay, i think there was like three of them, There. Yeah well,i saw this and i thought it was pretty right dude,i was all...word.

Just something random i thought about.
ya know.

god im cold.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes I think this place is such a mess, I'd like to just sit and watch it burn

Still a bit sicky :[
but! i can breathe even more now!!
:] god i love breathing.


So its been a slow few days. On thursday i went out with my ladies. Had The Egg and I with lynne and, it was pretty good. I had the banana strawberry walnut waffle. it was like, a diabetic coma waffle, so good! haha. Their coffee was pretty good too, hazelnut. Went and saw that movie RED with lynne and tash, lol it was pretty cool, i love the older lady, she is such a beast haha. We also ate at this fancy french restaurant, that was pretty good too, i had like this spinach ravioli thing, pretty nice, and lots and lots of hot tea while coughing my lungs out haha.

i bought that medicine, Mucinex, and dude, it works awesomely. Like no joke! i suggest that for during the day if your sick, and then the robutusin NightTime for adults, for well night time. Dont cheap out and get the knock off shit! AND finally, your portable life saver, the Vics Vapor Inhaler. OOOOh mann. That saved me. I could finally breathe! so i completely urge you to get that before sunday! if your in houston, cause its going to hit 30 if you didnt know.

Im obsessed with the weather.

i thought this was funnyyyyy :]

haha i love the bell.

Lets see, what else is there. Oh, everyone is doing this thing on FaceBook where you put your profile picture as your favorite cartoon character! i thought it was cool lol, so i put this

i liiiike jasmine! :] i know what your thinking, wpuldnt Ariel like Ariel the little mermaid? well yes, yes i do. But i always hear that! ok. Like, if i introduce myself " hi, im ariel." i get in response, "oh, like the little mermaid huh? heehee"

But anyway lol, go change yours now, just do it, doooo iiiiit, i like seeing all the cartoons and stuff. like "ahhhh real monsters!" "hey arnold!" " rocos modern life" :fox and hound" i was like oooooh i remember these haha :] its fuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUuuuUuuUuuuuunN.

GoD I hAtE wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS!!

it takes forever.

SO the transiberian orchestra is comeing this sunday :[ i didnt knoooow! i thought they would be here later in the month. I went one time for my birthday, a former awesome friend of mine took me for my birthday, and i gotta say, it was pretty much the best gift i ever had.

even though our seats werent like the pit or on the firsst floor, it was fucking amazing! Best Gift everr.

So im trying to plan like, a dinner type thing for my birthday but i cant pick a place. Im horrible at making decisions lol, im indecisive! i was thinking of making everyone going laser tagging for my birthday haha. im not sure. i think my mom is going to get me that Princess by Vera Wang perfume as a combined xmas bday gift lol, she dosent have that much to spend, its cool, id rather use the holiday money on my nephews. i sorta really want an iHome, or like a GPS for my car haha, jesus knows how lost ill get.

So did you know, that Apple is making/made a new iTouch?? it has a camera, front and back, like the phone. wtf. im so mad haha i want it. stupid Apple, and your tricks. I knew you would do this to me!! DBag!!

So its pretty hotish outside. Not houston-summer-im-being-cooked-alive hot, but, well our its-cold-one-day-and-hot-the-next winter weather hot. you know? lol, all the people in houston are nodding and the others think im weird -_-

But i seriously am about to go home and change into shorts, i swear.

i hope i end up doing what i want to do tonight :]

bYe < SeE Is ThAt AnNoYiNg Or WhAt??

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So if your lonely, You know im here waiting for you

* sniffles* COUGH COUGH!!!

hellooooooo -_-
im all sicky and icky, but! my throat isnt burning anymore!

Im over at Kims tea house, using their interwebs cause i STILL have none of my own lol, i had a chemistry test this morning, i dont think i did too well, i was just so blah from being sick i couldnt focus on the last five questions, their the kind you work out and all. I did two and left the last three cause i had to go. I needed meds. I got some dayquil! came to kims, got a big ol' cup of hot green tea with honey. And my throat is already feeling better. The cough is lessening and the flem is going away. But my nose is still super stuffy :[ i sound all funny.

mmmmm, dayquil.

So ive been having somewhat of writers block with my other blog. This is different i just write what im thinking, but im just at a pause on my other blog. I started up a story maybe a week ish ago, and i havent finished it yet :/ Ill get to it! Maybe its just cause ive been real busy with the move and all, the living room is still not all unpacked lol.

i know youve noticed, maybe, if your in houston too, but its cold! and i guess no one was prepared for the cold (as usual in houston) cause as you know we are the bi- polar city! and on no, we cant just stick to one seasonal weather, it has to change drasticly ALL the time. 75-80 one day and 30-40 the next. So, everyone is sick lol, at least im not alone right? cause you can bum some Halls cough drops and DayQuil off of anyone around haha.

oh man, i forgot to buy cough drops :[

So ive fallen in love with Pandora Radio all over again. Its just pure awesome. Make a station based around a band you love, and hear tons of song by simular artists. Im on my "The Distillers Radio station" right now, :] been in a punkish kinda mood and all. To me, its pretty much some of the best music. I think i like it because everyone can join in, you yell and yell, you can dance around and just feel awesome. Turn it up loud and yell fuck you to the world haha, its nice. But i also have a "The Beatles Radio Station", which i constantly sing along to. , go on, go enjoy an eargasim. lol.
My radio has Social Distortion on right now :]

someone get online and talk to me, lol no one is on! and im sorta really bored. I dont want to leave kims though, its too cold out there. Plus ima eat me a veggie sandwich in a few :p

Oh, yesterday, i had two bowls of tomato soup, and a bowl of Pho :] it was so freaking good.

Thats my pandora radio site thing! i didnt even know it had a profile thing lol, i should make it look pretty. But there it is if you want to listen in on my stations or whateverr.

ok im going to find something to do with my time nooow

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whip it!

New shirt, i likey ;]
Drinking some hot coco
and hanging out in the living room

So how was your thanksgiving?mine was ok! fun and tiring! i went to the SuperFeast Downtown, its for homeless people, people who cant affod food or anyone wanting to help. So my speech group and i went to go help out for a bit and it was tiring!! i helped serve out drinks and pick up trash and stuff. It was pretty fun, but then it started to lightly rain on and off lol, it was all humid too!

After the volunteering i went home ate a bit and bam, napped lol! it was so good! and i have to admit i didnt eat that much, im not sure why, but i got full fast and had a great nap :]

Today was/is BLACK FRIDAY! who went crazy shopping hm? i ended up going to memorial mall, bought an Alien Workshop board for my nephew, and some vans shoes, i got myself some band shirts, new gauges, a jacket and a new scarf :] it was fun but dude it was packed!!

i was suppose to do my whole moving thing today but no, of course something had to go wrong. The apartment managers said it wasnt ready and wouldnt be ready till 3pm, we got the keys at like 5pm.

..stupid boxes.

this is why im buying my nephew a new board lol

So i went to genghis grill today with the family, i love that place so much. Best food, and you get to put what you want together, pick the spices and sauce and they cook it for you. It pretty yummy! and damn dude, i like scarfed it down! it was so good! and omfg it is cold today, it like 30-35 ish? im loving it :]

i finally saw that whip it movie today, i loved it lol. Roller derby loooks like some scary fun, i would looove to see it live, it would be so badass. Its a cute story, guy turns to a douche sortof lol.

i may kinda be getting stalked again. Creepy.

So i heard that the lines at best buy were like, so long that they were a couple hours wait. wtf! i could not do that, i get way too impatient. i had a horrible time waiting in the lines at the mall.

tell me something interesting!
do it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

headaches and lots of food!

Audience! How are you audience?
^ imagine that with a anchor persons voice, and a mustache

So ive been having these horrible headaches lately, or migraines i guess, what the difference? they both hurt tremendously :[ its been like, the past 3 weeks i guess? i cant get rid of them. any suggestions? ive tried more sleep, tea, pills. its not working. Sometinmes the only thing that makes them feel better is when im driving with the windows down and let the wind blow, feels good!

I did some packing today for the move :] got like, 4 boxes done? i think im just going to pile all my clothes with the hangers into my car, then put them in the new place myself. Seems like it would be easier,

hahaha, ok so im with my nephew antonio and were watching iCarly and i got to say, this is one of my favorite shows to watch. I think its ridiculously hilarious!! its so stupid its funny haha. This show comes in second to Avatar the last airbender! hahah, omg cracking up at this show

So i saw this on

Are you offended by the “holiday overkill mcgrabbiness” of the TSA, but do not have the metaphorical balls to scream, “no daddy no!!!” during a pat down, here is a nice way to make a body scan 10x more fun.

Protest the TSA’s full-body scanners with 4th Amendment Wear, a line of undershirts, underwear, and socks with the 4th amendment printed on them in metallic ink, so that TSA employees can bone up on unreasonable search and seizure while… unreasonably searching you

I want one :] oh yeah.

So tashas party was on Saturday and it was so fun!! gotta say, i drank a bit lol but not too much!! and the cake Lynne and I got for her was awesome! i picked it up earlier saturday and i totally thought i lots the place >_< lol

hahaha, awesome right? hehe

so tomorrows Thanksgiving, only reason its one of the best holidays is because of the food, FOOD.:p but i have to go do some charity work stuff from 2-5, then friday is black friday shopping!! um, and moving, and saturday is moving also, and sunday is RENFEST! :] going with chris V. WHO has a new blog started up

also getting drinks with chris V. later tonight too
go insult his blog, its what i do :D

Anyone have any interesting blogs of your own or to suggest?

oh and my friend ZC showed me this, i thought it was awesome :]

:] ok im going now!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

yay for good days!

Hello you! :D

Well ive been having a awesome past couple of days! Went to Tashas birthday dinner on thursday, we all went to Buca Di Beppo, it was italian and it was sooooo good! and there was like idk 15 of us? there was alot of food lol.

It was fuuunnn :]

And lastnight i went out with SL to see Harry Potter 7 pt1 it was awesome and a slight disappointment lol, ugh the ending!! wtf! I love rupert Grint :]

SIGH lol. Had some Cafe adobe lastnight before the movie, which i guess was a bad idea cause the whole movie i had to pee but refused to get up haha. I just couldnt miss anything! I just got back from having some Diner59 :p yuummmmmmmm.

Now to pick up a cake, and tashas party tonight :]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I liked this greatly

The Five Commandments of Writing Research Papers
To write first-rate research papers, follow the following simple rules—well, simple to repeat, but too often ignored by most undergraduates.
1. Thou shalt do some background reading, think hard, and speak with the professor in order to identify a topic.
At the beginning of a course, you will probably not know enough about the major scholarly topics that are of most importance in the field, the topics that are most well-covered in the secondary literature or the topics that have already had the life beaten out of them by successive generations of writers. You should begin by doing some general reading in the field. If nothing else, begin with the Encyclopaedia Britannica, a wonderful but sadly neglected resource. Read a few books or articles on topics you find of interest. Follow up the suggested reading on the course syllabus or the footnotes or bibliographies of the texts you are reading for the course. After that, speak with the professor about some of your general ideas and the possible research directions you are thinking about pursuing. And you should do all this as early in the course as possible.
2. Thou shalt have a clear research question.
A research question, at least in the social sciences, begins with the word “why” or “how.” Think of it as a puzzle: Why did a particular political or social event turn out as it did and not some other way? Why does a particular pattern exist in social life? Why does a specific aspect of politics work as it does? How has a social or political phenomenon changed from one period to another? The question can be general or particular. Why have some countries been more successful in the transition from Communism than others? Why did the Labour Party win the last British general election? How have conceptions of race changed in the US since the 1960s? How do different electoral systems affect the behavior of political parties?
The point is that you should attempt to identify either:
• novel trends, developments or outcomes in social life that are not readily apparent (the “how” questions), or
• the causes of a particular event or general trend (the “why” questions).
Professional social scientists—historians, political scientists, sociologists, international affairs experts—work on both these kinds of questions. In the best published social science writing you will be able to identify a clear “how” or “why” question at the heart of the research.
“How” and “why” questions are essential because they require the author to make an argument. Research questions that do not require an argument are just bad questions. For example, a paper on “What happened during the Mexican revolution?” requires the author to do no more than list facts and dates—a good encyclopedia entry, maybe, but not a good research paper. “What” and “when” questions are only the starting point for writing research papers. Obviously, you need to have a firm grasp of the facts of the case, but you must then move on to answer a serious and important “why” or “how” question in the paper itself.
3. Thou shalt do real research.
“Real research” means something other than reading secondary sources in English or pulling information off the Internet. Real research means using primary sources. What counts as a primary source, though, depends on what kind of question you are trying to answer.
Say you want to write a paper on the causes of Communism’s demise in eastern Europe. You would begin by reading some general secondary sources on the collapse of Communism, from which you might surmise that two factors were predominant: economic problems of Communist central planning and Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms in the Soviet Union. Primary sources in this case might include economic statistics, memoirs of politicians from the period or reportage in east European newspapers (available in English or other languages). Bring all your skills to bear on the topic. Use works in foreign languages. Use software packages to analyze statistical data.
Or say you want to write about how conceptions of national identity have changed in Britain since the 1980s. In this case, you might examine the speeches of British political leaders, editorials in major British newspapers, and voting support for the Scottish National Party or other regional parties. You might also arrange an interview with an expert in the field: a noted scholar, a British government representative, a prominent journalist.
The point about primary sources is that they take you as close as possible to where the action is—the real, on-the-ground, rubber-meets-the-road facts from which you will construct your interpretive argument. There are, however, gradations of primary evidence. The best sources are those in original languages that are linked to persons directly involved in the event or development that you are researching. Next are the same sources translated into other languages. Then come sources that are studies of or otherwise refer to direct experience. In your research, you should endeavor to get as close as possible to the events or phenomena you are studying. But, of course, no one can speak every language and interview every participant in a political or social event. Part of being a creative scholar is figuring out how to assemble enough evidence using the skills and resources that you possess in order to make a clear and sustainable argument based on powerful and credible sources.
One other note for Georgetown students: In a city that contains one of the world’s great research libraries, representations from nearly every country on the planet, the headquarters of countless international organizations, numerous research institutes, and scores of other political, economic, cultural, and non-governmental associations and institutions, both domestic and international, there is absolutely no excuse for the complaint that “I can’t find anything on my topic in Lauinger.”
4. Thou shalt make an argument.
Unfortunately, many undergraduate research papers are really no more than glorified book reports. You know the drill: Check out ten books (in English) from the library, skim through three of them, note down a few facts or mark some pages, combine the information in your own words, and there you have it.
This will not do. Your paper must not only assemble evidence—facts about the world—but it must weave together these facts so that they form an argument that answers the research question. There are no once-and-for-all answers in any scholarly field, but there are better and worse arguments. The better ones have powerful evidence based on reliable sources, are ordered and logical in the presentation of evidence, and reach a clear and focused conclusion that answers the question posed at the beginning of the paper. In addition, good arguments also consider competing claims: What other counter-arguments have been put forward (or could be put forward) to counter your points? How would you respond to them? In fact, consideration of counter-arguments is often a good way to begin your paper. How have scholars normally accounted for a particular event or trend? What are the weaknesses of their accounts? What evidence might be marshaled to suggest an alternative explanation? How does your account differ from the conventional wisdom?
5. Thou shalt write well.
Writing well means presenting your argument and evidence in a clear, logical, and creative way. An interesting argument cloaked in impenetrable prose is of no use to anyone. Sources must be accurately and adequately cited in footnotes, endnotes or in-text notes using a recognized citation style. The writing style must be formal and serious. Tables, graphs or other illustrations should be included if they support your overall thesis.
These are only a few guidelines on how to write research papers. You will no doubt develop your own styles, rules, and techniques for doing research, making arguments, and presenting the results of your work. But if you follow the commandments above, you will be well on your way to writing good research papers—and hopefully learn something about an important political or social topic along the way.
© Copyright 1996, Georgetown University

- im in english right now, supposedly working :P

Monday, November 15, 2010


So small it could almost be a miniature elephant.

Im having a very chill day today! oh, a blog post? within a few days of eachother? uhoh! lol :] Im having trouble collecting money from my former boss. Yes i quit for some reasons i wont get into right now, but legit reasons. Im getting very annoyed. I just want whats mine, a check that was bounced, its fee and mondays work pay. Thats all, and my calls are getting ignored. I wouldnt slander a place that serves good food, but im itching to right now.
Its been a very cold rainy day today, a good day for coffee, smores, hot chocolate, cuddling and bon fires. Its not even that late yet but i feel like its midnight already, that daylight savings time thing really messed me up, im getting sleepy at like 6-8pm, its ridiculous!
Today i had a chemistry lab, it didnt take that long, i just hate waiting for some random liquid to evaporate, it takes forever. And my lab partner and i finished first lol. Since i didnt have to work (thank raptor jesus) i just stayed in the Caf, did some work, went over the post lab, talked to my school friends. It was nice not being tired for once, not being in a hurry, taking my sweet time with school it awesome. Now i need to print some chapters for chem, labs, our next exam, turn in my english essay 'why marijuana should be legalized for medical reason' (which will be on the MonthOfDecember blog), start the research project, start my speech class Persuasion Speech on 'Why you SHOULD smoke cigarettes ', oh yeah. Already signed up for my Spring classes, just taking three. And then, study for finals.
Lets see, tomorrow i have english and speech class. Im not too fond of my english teacher, at all. I dont think she grades right, or communicates very well, but, she is bare-able. I think i want to go to a coffee place tomorrow after class, and just relax. I would say itsAGrind, but they have been bought out, if you didnt know, by a franchise called Coffee Bean. Horrible name, it looks ugly (the logo), but the shop itself has stayed the same, so at least theres that. Know what i miss? Harvest! and Kaleidoscoops! formerly known as K*Scoops :] mmm, veggie sandwich. And black cherry ice cream. Oh, and Agora burned down. Why dose everything i love die!!

I need a new coffee place to love.
Not Coffee Bean.

im really hungry right now, i know i could eaisly go on and make food here, but im craving my beloved TacoBell. Dont ask me why, but i have like, a food obsession with it! its timeless, and yummy. I love the hot sauce packets too, they have the funniest things to say :]

Chris V. i know you read this, hows Dallas? You should feel special,ive mentioned you in not only this post, but another one as well. Feel special!! Just so you all know, chris hates Greek people. Its weird. A very bad habit. Tsk Tsk.

:] haha.

i have a headache.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

ive had that zombie virus and all

Hello sir! ma'am! Weirdo over there!
ive been ignoring the bloggity :[ school work and workwork and all. BUT im here to update now!! But first, how have you been non-existent readers? well i hope!

So, lets see what has happened. i got an 80 om my chem exam! :D lol, thank god, i was shit worried you know? been going to and keeping up with my nephew Antonios soccer games, hes hardcore lol,

Went to Raymondville for my sisters baby shower which was awesome! lots of food, games, drinks and then bbq'd later that night at my cousins house/ranch, got to see JB while i was there too since corpus is like 2hrs away.

Javi. SEND MY SWEATER! Damnit! lol.

Halloween was awesome :] went to Javi&Jens party, there was a best and worse costume contest, jello shots, malibu rum :] lol, i didnt really take pictures though, my costume was a bunny, i had the ears, tail, gloves and thigh high socks, and i wore a cute black dress with heels :] heres pic with the accessories

School has been good,passing and whatnot, its just so long! i cant wait for thanksgiving break!! oh yeah, on thanks giving weekend im moving! i cant wait! and i cant wait for black friday, nordstrom rack here i come ;] lol

Yesterday i went out with Lynne to get tashas birthday present and its an awesome one :] i cant tell till the day of though! shes having a birthday dinner, and a birthday party so next weekend will be fun :] i WILL take pics, or steal the ones verna takes lol.

Ive been drinking a lot of boba? that tapioca drink lol, its right near my school its called Kims Tea house, so good! they have sandwiches, sweets, and a ton of drinks, i like the strawberry green tea, its yummy!

So im really loving this weather, its finally cold again! its rainy though :[ lol, i just love wearing my boots :] And i havent really had time to update either blogs really, ill have a new post on the -month of december- blog soon and ill try harder to update this one too! lol.

Oh dude! i got netflix and its the best decision i ever made!haha.

Misfits and social distortion are coming this month :]
ok, im off to go do things and stuff!!