Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks for breaking into my car, now go die.

So last weekend, Saturday to be exact, I was parked downtown nex to warehouse (green room?) next to little woodrows. And since we were running late we payed for parking next to the venue. So what happens when I come out after the show? It's not even that late. Like 11pm maybe. I come out and my back left car window has been bashed in, glass everywhere, an a backpack missing. Thank you crack head hobo who took a bag with 2 shirts and a book (as if you can even read). I hope you overdose. And die. :D So after crying because my car is hurt, and so pretty I can't stand it being hurt, and after some drinks, and after Nics friends hugged and consoled me. All the revenge filled dark wanting to destroy and kill thought flowed in. "I want to find them and watch the f***ing light leave their eyes". Seriously guys, I think I was pretty capable of murder that night lol. I feel better now though. Ordering car stuff Friday :) at least I can enjoy the fact that the turd face got nothing valuable out of my car. We're also getting the windows tinted once the back window is fixed :)
But really, people suck a lot sometimes. I don't care if your homeless or an addict, or just a jerk, mess with the car and I will kill you the moment I get a chance. :D
Hope everyone else had a better time this weekend! Although that was the only bad thing, the rest was pretty awesome.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall gardening ideas!

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.


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If you havent noticed, fall is on it's way and when that happens all of our plants tend to take a hit while the weather starts to change. I have a lot of plants on my porch and it really dose prove to be difficult to keep them going sometimes. One way to Find beauty in the Fall is to add some color and life out there!! Your garden dose not have to take a hit, and you can keep your porch looking beautiful with color for the coming season! Here is my favorite idea that I am pretty sure all you out there will love as well!


planting pansies

 The Easy Way: Plant Mums and Pansies

Mums and pansies are favorite standbys as fall flowers, with good reason. They look great, they can grow almost anywhere in the country, and they're usually easy to find at garden centers. You can group them in planters or flower beds, and they'll add color long after your perennials go dormant. But, if you want to try a different look, the next paragraph is for you.


 Include Natives in Your Plan

You can greatly enhance your fall garden garden by choosing plants native to your region. Some good choices include California poppy in the West, blackfoot daisy in the Southwest, big leaf aster in the Southeast, and New England aster or boltonia in the Northeast and Midwest.


 Provide a Healthy Home

Whether you choose mums and pansies or try your hand with local native flowers, you'll get the best results if give them a good environment for growing. For in-ground garden plantings, that means incorporating plenty of organic matter by adding soil amendments or Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables to your native soil. Follow spacing and planting directions on the plant tags. For container gardens, use a specialized potting medium such as Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix or Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control&trade Potting Mix.

 Feed Your Flowers Regularly

Feed your fall plants with Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food or LiquaFeed® Bloom Booster® Flower Food starting two weeks after planting. Follow a regular feeding schedule to produce beautiful blooms and healthy growth.



soaker hose

 Water as Needed

Even though summer's heat has passed, you may still need to water your flowers frequently if you live in the Southwest or a coastal region with warm winters and sandy soil. In areas such as the Northeast and Midwest, fall usually brings plenty of rain, but be sure to check the soil and water as necessary to provide your plants a steady supply of moisture.


This project will get you fully started on your Fall gardening and bring some natural beauty out! Plus mums and pansies are my favorite this to plant, they are cute, don't crawl and full of beautiful color. so go on and get started with your fall garden! 

For more great fall gardening ideas go on over to Miracle-Gro Facebook page and like them! 




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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Canned Acoustica!!!!

Second Lovers played at canned Acoustica this past weekend and it was awesome!!! And I met a local artist who I guess is big, but I don't know, called BunB and took a picture with him! Here's the photo dump y'all!!!

Some Vegas Love!

So this last trip to Vegas we stayed from the 8-11th and it was awesome! As usual! :) we went to see the cirque du soleil LOVE show!!! The Beatles one!!!!! It was pretty much the mist amazing show ever!!!!!!! But they don't allow pictures in the theater for the performers safety. But was still amazing!!!!!! Nic and i took a bunch of video but he is still editing it, Here are some pictures :) :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

RNC is Done,Bring the DNC On!

So as the RNC(Republican National Convention) ends,the DNC(Democratic National Convention) comes upon us! Yes, more politics. Now like i said on a previous post here while the RNC was going on, i'm trying to get into politics, I can vote this year and I want to be informed. Possibly count. Though i'm in Texas so i'm pretty sure i'll be a red state. Still, I'll try! Well, I watch the speeches, gather info, just try to learn about who wants to run our country. And yes i'll watch the news on the tv at points, but i am, as you have maybe noticed, an interwebber. So I find the majority of info here. On the nets. Well, I have to say my favorite so far is watching Phillip DeFranco(known youtuber) and Sourcefed(youtube news show) do live shows at the RNC and right now at the DNC. I tend to share a lot of their views in this so it fits me. Their first live show at the DNC is up if you would like to brew some coffee and give your brain some exercise.

Now to be honest. Romney seems like he just might know what he is doing, business wise. But it's his "moral standards" as a Mormon that concern me. Now by all means, be whatever religion you want to, worship a turtle if ya want, just don't force it on me. But, it seems to be what he wants to do. The whole pretty much taking rights away from women, rape victims, incest victims, trying to get rid of planned parenthood (which I think is a great organization), hating on anyone gay, getting rid of Pell Grants(FASFA?), things that seem pretty important in my book, away.Also, he seems to be only  really focusing on the wealthier of America, and not the poor so much. Plus, he has creeper face. I just don't really agree with any republican platforms. Don't even get me started on Rick Santorum.

"You want to know whether we're better off? I've got a little bumper sticker for you: Osama Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive" -Joe Biden , DNC

Obama, on the other hand seems to be a lot more open minded.And not a religious shove it down your throat type. I'm not saying he is Mr. Perfect, but when he got the job, it had already been fucked. But he seems to be on the same level with most issues that concern me. And I like that. He isn't going to put a barrier around my uterus and say, forget about it darlin'.He supports gay marriage, which I totally support, love who ya want dude, just like the whole worship who ya want I mentioned earlier. Now i'm not sure if im a Democrat, or a liberal, or a Republican(probably not though) but so far Obama seems to be the lesser of all the evils. He may not be perfect, but I know he is better then the rest of these assholes. But of course, the economy card comes in, its screwed up. It's been screwed up. And honestly I can admit I don't know too much about it. But this is why i'm researching, listening, learning.

You should too!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Packing crisis and the return to Vegas

So I'm packing, or trying to pack, for Vegas this weekend :) we're staying for four days this time so we will finally have time to go to Freemont! We never really have time to go, so yay! :D but yes, I'm having trouble deciding what to bring. Shirts, shorts, dresses, under things, flats, sandals, a pair of jeans,a pair of black leggings, toiletries, book to read, headphones, charger, glasses/contacts, straightener, plane blanket. I'm pretty sure I'm all set! But jeez, I always no matter what have the urge to pre pack, I don't want to miss something or forget, so I pre prepare! But I honestly do that with everything. Nic on the other hand still hasn't packed! It drives me crazy haha and he always forgets something! :p he'll read this, babe go pack!!! Meow!! Lol.
Oh and I had coffee with Marina today, it was nice catching up and what not again. She got a new car and it is crazy cute!! It's tardis blue!!
Ok back to the clothing crisis that's living in my room!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

DoctorWho:Asylum of the Daleks Recap & Spoilers!

The season premier of ‘Doctor Who’ gives us zombies, more Daleks than we’ve ever seen in one location, the break-up and make-up of one of one of our most loved couples and a new companion. There are also new credits with a fresh font and Dalek bumps on the logo. All in 45 minutes that seem more like a movie than an episode of television.
We open on Skaro, the homeworld of the Doctor’s most iconic enemies: the Daleks. A woman has contacted the Doctor. He realizes it’s is a trap just as a Dalek eyestalk bursts out of her forehead.
Meanwhile, Amy Pond, supermodel, is interrupted during a photo shoot. An assistant tells her that her husband is there, but she replies, “I don’t have a husband.” Rory sits in a makeup chair with divorce papers. She quickly signs them and he storms out. What happened to our beloved Ponds?
As Amy sits dazed, her makeup artist’s forehead grows a Dalek eyestalk. The same happens with Rory’s bus driver. They wake up on a spaceship with the Doctor. The Dalek Prime Minister demands that the three of them go down to the Dalek asylum, where the most hate-filled Daleks are kept, and deactivate the planet’s force field.
We’re introduced to a pretty brunette genius named Oswin (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who crashed on the planet a year ago. She spends her downtime baking soufflés, hacking into the Daleks’ systems and blasting Bizet’s Carmen. The Doctor ponders where she gets the milk for her soufflés as he and the Ponds are teleported down to the asylum.
The Doctor and Amy are separated from Rory, giving them time to catch up as they are attacked by Dalek zombies. Amy tells the Doctor that he can’t fix her marriage like he fixes his bowtie.
They escape, but Amy loses her wristband that keeps her from being turned into a Dalek zombie herself. She begins losing her memory as they search for Rory. The cheeky Oswin flirts with both the Doctor and the newly single Rory over the intercom as she helps them find each other. Back off Oswin, he’s taken!
The Doctor makes one of the Daleks self-destruct, blowing up the others. He goes to find Oswin, leaving the former Mr. and Mrs. Pond to talk.
Rory tells Amy she should take his anti-zombie armband because the Dalek conversion works by eliminating love and it’s obvious he loves Amy more than she loves him. He reminds her that he waited 2000 years to be with her (swoon). She becomes angry and says she loves him more and that’s why she let him go. Amy can no longer have children, and thinks Rory deserves a chance to have them.
As they work things out, Rory realizes Amy is actually wearing a wristband – the Doctor gave her his. As he walks past a security camera, the Doctor fixes his bowtie.
The Doctor enters intensive care, where the Daleks who hate him most are housed. They corner him, but Oswin is able to hack into the Daleks and delete all knowledge the Doctor.
He arrives at Oswin’s chamber and she begins to pack. As he walks in, his face falls. He asks Oswin again how she had milk for her soufflés. She pauses, confused, and the camera pans around to show not a pretty girl but a chained up Dalek.
Apparently, when Oswin crashed on the planet, she was converted to a Dalek, but she was clever enough to create an elaborate fantasy world. She fights her Dalek programming and lets the Doctor go.
The Doctor returns to find Amy and Rory kissing (yay!). Oswin takes down the planet’s shields and the Doctor teleports Team Tardis back to the Dalek spaceship. As the planet explodes, Oswin turns to the camera and promises she’ll see us again soon. (Oswin is played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, who is taking over for the Ponds as the Doctor’s traveling companion beginning with the Christmas special in December. It appears we already saw the end of her story, yet with ‘Doctor Who,’ you never know.)
The Daleks are confused when the Doctor appears on their ship. “Doctor who? Doctor who?” they chant. He realizes Oswin not only erased memories of him from the Daleks in the room with him, but all Daleks everywhere.
He drops Amy and Rory off at their townhouse in London. After an awkward pause, Amy turns and walks into their home. Rory grins and follows her.
Meanwhile, the Doctor pilots the Tardis, dancing, spinning around the consol, singing to himself, “Doctor who? Doctor who?”
What did you think of this episode? Were you shocked to see a future companion? Does Amy love Rory more? Doctor who? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
* Jenna-Louise Coleman, of course — and this is no spoiler to all but maybe seven of you — will be playing the companion who replaces the Ponds after this season. The question is, how? My money says the Doctor finds her before she experienced that fateful crash-landing on the asylum planet.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

WoW, RNC, DNC, and Mermaids

Helloooooooooo :] It is now finally September! Yes! Fall is a coming and the weather better get cooler here in Houston cause it is still, melting. Hot. Humid. Blah. How have you been interwebs? Good I hope. I have been pretty good too!! It's all rainy here :/ and stormy. And the power kept going on and off so my wifi network was going crazy. And so were the other million computers in here.
Oh! So I have been trying to pay attention to the election this year, learning who has what to offer. I can actually vote this year and I think it is pretty important, so there is a chance we will only be a little screwed. Watching interviews and coverage at the RNC (republican national convention), watching Youtuber Philip Defranco and SourceFed doing live shows from the RNC and interviewing people. It's pretty great what they are doing. And god, I have learned that I hate almost all Republicans. So far, that all seem like assholes. Conservative, bible chucking assholes. And i'm sure there are people out there who are like, no!..no! I am a republican and i'm NICE. Well. I have not met you. Or seen you. Some of the things these guys say just wow me. Even the women standing by their side. It is crazy. Know what happened at the RNC that I pretty much saw no News coverage about outside the internet? WELL. A CNN camera woman was at the RNC doing her job, being a camera woman, and, she was African american. So, what do two republicans do? (not sure if they were delegates or not) They throw peanuts at her, while shouting "this is how we feed animals!!!". WOW. wtf. Really?? And I seriously have heard nothing beyond the internet about this. Messed up. The DNC(democratic national convention) is coming up soon and i'm pretty excited to hear some more speeches and find out more about the candidates. More coverage, more interviews!

 Oh and DragonCon is happening right now and it's not cool that i'm not there :'[ one day, I will be!! And my costume and Nics costume will be coordinated as hell!!!

Also, Nic got me this the other week :D!!!!
Ariel the little mermaid pop doll!!!!!! She is so cute and I love her and It is awesome and now i want them all!!! They have whole series. This is series 3. They have StarWars ones!! I need them in my life, ya know? Just do. Simple as that! So thank you boyfriend :] haha. They also have the Ursula one to go with Ariel and i kind of want that too. She looks pretty wicked.

So I have been watching some videos from this youtuber I found and she is hilarious, great videos, different channels and her gamer videos are pretty awesome as well! I think my favorite video i've watched on her gamer channel is the WoW pop culture references #4. So ya know, WoW is World of Warcraft, a  massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) game. Very addictive. Seriously, addictive. And i'm pretty sure my laptop wont support the game, I desperately need a new one and a desktop. But, i'd probably be addicted if I had a personal desktop with a kick ass video card. ANYWAY!! here is the video, watch it! it's pretty funny whether you play WoW or not :D you'll get it!
She is called Random Panser!
EDIT: So youtube wont let mee post the right video, not sure why, BUT the WoW pop culture ref is HERE :D

Ok thats all today :]
Oh and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!! BBQ, Beer and fun!
I'll be mindlessly looking up Doctor Who things this weekend because, ITS BACK TONIGHT!!