Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Times!

Long time no see!

So Thursday was AWESOME :] We went to fits to go see The Drums, and it was pretty cool, We were in the front and the waiting for them to come out was killing me! There was this couple there that were dancing around really crazy lol, they mayyy have been on ex.I thought they would be selling their shirts or CD's but they werent :[ lol. The Guitarist was so cute! He was dancing around and was just adorable :3 heehee.

Then on Friday we went to Screen On the Grenn, at Discovery green! i suggest all of you go sometime its fun, free, you bring blankets to lay on, you can bring food, drinks its fun! So we went and they were showing Rushmore, it was so funny! and before the show they had a little costume contest and the guy who won looked exactly like the main character Max. We brought ourselves some Viet sandwiches and sodas, i brought blankets and some guy asked to take our picture for the Houston Chronicle :] so i need to check the paper!

It was sweeeeet.

So fluffy got Flees, and so did Max. And well, we gave fluffy a mayo bath. Meaning we covered her in Mayo, let the flees die and fall off then rinsed her off. But we had to do it twice haha. She was all crying and whining, it was cute. And then Max got one too, he took it better, which is weird cause hes a cat lol. The Gray stripy cat is Max, The black cat is KeeLee she is fleeless, and the dog is Fluffy :]

And today I bought myself the Mumford&Sons CD, some new sun glasses and i got my nephew some toy he likes, their called TeckDecks.. lol.

I like them lots :] haha

Like the pics? entertaining right?
haha, i know.

ok, bye!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Made you look. :D

its meeeeeee!
my room is messy, can you tell?
i don't think so.

So its been a pretty nice day today! So far, i went to Chemistry in the morning and it was forever lol. Went to kims tea house after class to catch up on some chem. notes, this time i got the Thai Tea with tapioca and it was so good! loved it :] Its a great place to study, plus they have food, veggie food and tea/tapioca drinks.

Went home, wrote for a while, working on a new story for my 2nd blog, about to do my English journal. Oh and had some subway :] yum. Im watching The Heathers right now lol, i love this movie and i love Winona Ryder.

Going in to work at 4, and i know its boring when its slow but i hope it is anyway lol. Im tired man! haha. And then tomorrow night im seeing The Drums with Lynne!!! No worries, ill take lots of pictures! i promise :]

So October 22 is my sisters Raymondville babyshower, and sometime in November is the Houston baby shower, so, for any of my friends who read this ::Ahem Chris Varkados:: ask me about it and you can probably come! there will be food and games! Tash Lynne and Verna are coming too!

ok here it is!!

this is what i want for my birthday,
just so you know :]

Her shop site!

And heres her Blog, which i follow!

So go read my Story and let me know what you think, or maybeother story lines you'd want me to play off of! Ideas are always accepted lol

omg, i need to put the salt water tank into motion!
My poor fresh water fishys need to be moved to a smaller home

god i hope they dont eat eachother out of boredom

That happen once.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Woman! I Wanna Go Surfing!

My Favorite dress <3

oh god
i think im going to explode soon.
or implode.
which ever comes first

So, ive been super busy with school work and work work,its effecting my bloggyness. haha. i worked all day yestarday! and today i had class 8-9:30 and had to work all day! but i got paid :] oh yeah. Bankin.

thats what they say now right?
im Banking?
-_-" i can be cool.

And want to know what happen? huh? i missed this

I was so sad. i was like nooooooooo!! in the middle of the caf, it was horrible. Cause it echoed a bit, lol.But oh my god, i wish i knew! My friends Gf went to see him >_< so jealous.

So this weekend i went to go look at costumes for Halloween!! fuuuun! First i tried on the sexy Bell costume, you know, Beauty and the Beast. I really did love it, but the material its mad of is so itchy! If i wore it id be annoyed all night. Then i tried the Snow White costume, which i loved too! but again! again. It was made of shitty material! ugh it made me so mad! They have all these nice costumes that feel like a cheese Then, i found my soul mate costume. Its funny, sexy, comfortable, and pure awesome!! but i cant tell you what it is. Its a secret. For now. :]

So im working wednesday night, and guess what im doing thursday night? guess!! Wrong. why are you always wrong?? Im going to go see The Drums :] a band! i cant wait, its going to be fun.
Go on! listen! love them!

oh oh, im going to buy me a shirt or two :]

So i went with MK to go see The American at the alamo. And this is now a life rule, of life, dont see that movie. It was cool in the begining, like it really reels you in! then, its like you watch him breathe for and hour, then the end is cool again lol. I wont tell you what happens, but dont see it in the theater, if you really must see it, download it. I still had a fun time though :]

oh mann! i cant wait to go to this! dude, theres going to be so much food! thats alli can think of haha, the food is going to be amazing. Its only 5$ to get in too :]

oh mann, tomorrow i have English and Speech. I dont want to go! save me? lol. Oh, i want to see that movie Easy A, and The Town, they any good? The Town looks pretty epic to me lol

im goingto leave you now!
and never come back!..



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh you


oh.. the West Burrow Baptist Church. oh you, if i had a boil on my ass, i would name it the West Burrow Baptist Church. If i see a car crash i think, "if only that was the West Burrow Baptist Church". If i could leave a flaming bag of dog shit on each and everyone of their porches,i would. But that would be near their level, still above, but NEAR. I look at their site and it looks like a fucking joke. Have you seen the web link?

Bullshit dude. Now, im not religious, and no, i dont know if there is an all mighty creater called God, who decided one day, " hey, im bored. Lets fuck shit up", but i dont think he who they claim loves all, would also say " oh! but you..yeah uhh, your sorrrrta going to burn for all eternity. Yeah. Sorry you didnt get the memo.." Now, im no expert, i havent read any of the many bibles out there, i never went to church, and since i could remember religion always seemed like a waste of my time. To me, it was just the sound of fury, over and over.

But damn. I just cant get over these assholes. i know i know, freedom of speech, religon and what not, but if i could, and i really really wish i could, id punch them all in the throat. Yeah. Right in the throat.

They make me want to have girl on girl anything, just to piss them off.

LUCKILY!! we have these people, who go out and crash the West Burrow Baptist church! I think its a great idea to do this. This, i support. And if WBBC ever come to houston, ill be there to help crash their protest.

You know what West Burrow Baptist Church? Im pretty sure God hates assholes. Yeah, pretty fucking sure he dose.

Monday, September 13, 2010

payday woot!!

Yeah, thats from vernas birthday dinner
i know i know,
Sexy ;] haha

Oh my god, this sunday and monday have seemed to last forever! Mainly cause of work, but man you got to love that cash intake! And today was payday, plus the tips i make all day :] oh yeah, and im trying very hard to NOT spend it on clothes haha. i can do this!

So today i had my chemistry lab, and it was pretty easy, my partner and i finished in like an hour, its a 3 hour class, so we got to leave early! which gave me time to go home, eat, gas the car up and eat :]lol. Had work 11am till 9. We ate Eggs when i got there, then had a beef burek for lunch mmmm soooo good!! im going to get some tomorrow for lunch too haha

So, i was in the car with lynne and Good Charlotte came on, and i know their fisher price punk, lol, but you know what? i love them. Theres one album that i use to listen to in middle school a lot and i know all the words! haha. They remind me of BowlingForSoup, i love them too :] shit, now i need to download the album though, i cant get the song out of my freaking head lol

oh, so Houston Texans won a game the other day to the Cowboys, i think.
Now i can wear my jersey :]


Oh, and to you
i decided to make a second blog for writing short stories, English assignments, poems, or any creative writing i feel like posting up. so heres the link

ok, im going to go now!!
gotta download me some Good Charlotte haha


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its all good, For now

Chemistry notes
all up in my grill
and shit.

So Vernas birthday dinner was pretty awesome! Mmm sushi :] there was so much damn sushi! haha, there was 13 people, somei didnt really know but they were pretty cool. We ate at Azumas downtown, I had the Miso Soup, wich i absoloutly love! Except at Aka. it sucks. How do you mess up soup? I had the Red Devil Roll and that was pretty amazing! ah, talking about it is making me hungry!! it wasnt too spicy, only had a little bit of chili powder. And i had the Spicy Tuna, and it was fucking spicy man! i ate one peice and i was like "ok! who wants some! its too spicy" haha, conned it off of lynne, verna,terry and essay. Oh man, and the spicyness lasted forever too! it wouldnt stop!! That was the best dinner ive had though, oh and she got our presents too! I got her the shirt that says "Im On A Boat" hahaha!! Best gift ever >_<. After we ate everyone was forced into picture whoring for a while haha, then we went bowling at Palace. I kinda sorta think thats what its called. lol. It was fun!! i mean, i totally suck at bowling, but it was fun!! haha, we all ended up leaving at like 1-1:30am, it was a good night :]

Today ive just been home. Went to kolache factory this morning, its amazing. haha, i love the spinach kolaches but they always run out so i ended up getting the Muchroom&pepperoni and the Philly Cheese Steak. omg, the philly one it awesome, a new favorite for sure.

put my Chem binder together! for notes and what not
but the binder is too big..

Went to go buy things for my sisters baby shower! She is having a smallish one here in houston, and a bigger one over in Raymondville for the rest of the family. So the big one is October22, and the small one is in November, not too sure on the exact date. Im going to buy baby band onesies!! :] their at hot topic, and they are way too cute hahaha,

So, something thats wtf,

Five soldiers accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan are now facing additional charges of conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, a plot that allegedly began when one soldier discussed how easy it would be to "toss a grenade" at Afghan civilian.

So far they confirmed 3 civilians killed by this "Kill Team" that these soliders formed, they also discovered that the soliders cut off and kept the fingers of the victims as trophies. Its sad when people who we refer to as Heros, become Terrorists themselves.

As of this week, the five face allegations of conspiracy to commit premeditated murder. They each also face other charges, including drug use, striking another soldier, dereliction of duty, false statements and trying to impede an investigation.

Really? wtf.
I dont even know what to say.

What do you think of this?
seriously, leave a comment,

that works.

Well tonight is Kevins birthday party, so im going to that

and i wanted to post some pictures from vernas birthday dinner for you guys, but she hasent loaned them yet. So, ill either edit this post and add them when she posts them, or ill just do a whole new post wit the pics,
either way! you'll see em :]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I throw caution to the wind

"I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be."

"I, trembling in spirit and worshipping the very hem of her dress; she, quite composed and most decidedly not worshipping the hem of mine."

These quotes make me think of times when you wonder, it it real? Is it worth all this wait, this annoyance. Could it end up the way it is in my mind. I feel like i was tugging at the hem of your dress, but you wouldent look down. If my writing seems to be getting emotional, intimate or detailed its because when im feeling superior or a bit angry, i write.

"Whatever her tone with me happened to be, I could put no trust in it, and build no hope on it; and yet I went on against trust and against hope."

I've been feeling like reading Great Expectations again, i can never get over the quotes. Its such A good book, but i dont have a copy lol, someone lend me yours? I cant help but love these stupid quotes, they keep me thinking all the time, about people, how you feel about them. Is it the same for you? Maybe its just me. I mean, am i the only one. I put book quotes to life situations, i should read the book over and highlight my favorite quotes! i think thats what ill do

"I verily believe that her not remembering and not minding in the least, made me cry again, inwardly – and that is the sharpest crying of all"

Ya know lately ive thinking about my Grandma Bee, my grandpa Rocha just passed away thing August, and im worried about her. I havent really talked to her, but its more of a feeling. I feel like shes going to give up, as in die of a broken heart or something. How can you be with someone so long, and just suddenly have them ripped away. Its been in my mind lately, just lingering there, taunting that this could maybe happen. I feel like it can.

"I’ll tell you what real love is. It is blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world, giving up your whole heart and soul to the smiter."

Today all i really did was go to class, i have work around 4, i hope it gose by fast. Tomorrow is Vernas birthday dinner :] then jannetts birthday party too. ah, its going to bee a good weekend :] cant wait for sushi tomorrow!

"You must know that I have no heart – if that has anything to do with my memory."

Im going to go and make myself some tea, i really dont want towork tonight! but only because i want some sushi already :] Were all going to dress up nice and cute too, Im going to wear my red dress with the black lace on top, and my wedges, i think they weirdly go together.

Jealous of one Estella's admirers Pip complains: "He has been hovering about you all night" and Estella responds: "Moths and all sorts of ugly creatures hover about a lighted candle. Can the candle help it?"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What will you be.

So i worked sunday and monday all day, whoo tips! haha, So today i had class at 8am, i woke up and it was all yellow outside, a deep yellow. And i thought to myself,oooh man its going to storm haha. English was ok, boring just did alot of correcting. I think im more interested in writing the journals, their quite interesting.

So after class i was going to just wait for my second class to start but i didnt want to wait there for 3 hours, so i came home. And right when i get home it starts pouring! So by the time it came around to leaving for my 2nd class it was still all stormy, and my mom freaked cause she dosent like me driving at all, let alone drving in the rain so! here i am, home.

Wrote up the third journal, needto print some papers, watching Angels&demons, its still raining bad too. I was going to go to Pita today to eat lunch with Alek, but i dont know if we should anymore if its going to be like this all day you know lol. Damn i wanted that spinach Burek bad though.. lol,

i want hot chocolate,
no! i want lynnes hot chocolate
its better >_< haha

so heres the journal,

Journal #3
Something that horrified my parents was my mind. From maybe 6th grade to my junior year in high school, I was a very different person. In the beginning it started as me just not caring much about anything, life, people, and classes. I was a bit dark, and I was sad. I’ve never been sure why I was so sad, because I had not a thing to be sad about. I was healthy; I had friends, a home, both parents. I was depressed, and I began doing unforgivable things to myself. I tried many times to tell my parents how I felt, how I knew something was wrong with me. They saw how sad I was everyday, tried to cheer me up too. Though, I think subconsciously they knew what was happening, and they just didn’t want to accept what was wrong. I scared them. When I finally demanded help, real help, my mom simply asked “cant you just pretend to be happy? Then maybe it will happen.” . I know she met well, but those few words stuck with me. This situation that happened keeps me feeling guilty, its why I try so hard in everything I do now. I guess I see it as a “im sorry”, for scaring them. This is something that was naturally forbidden to talk about. It was never said out loud, but we knew to never talk about it. I know its just something they want to forget, I feel like they worry now when im upset. They are afraid of what happened, but their not afraid to ask anymore. Though they became more involved in me, they didn’t approve of everything. There were ways of life that were quietly out of the question. I consider them typical parental belief/rules, don’t do drugs, don’t drink, gay is not good, believe in god, go to church, go to school. So of course, I broke every one of those rules. I decided if i hadn’t tried it, maybe I should, and I did. And I told my parents about it, I didn’t lie because I had no reason to. I wanted to be open with them even if they didn’t like what they heard, and they respected me for that.

So thats that.

ok, and i thought this picture was hilarious!
Someone just decided to put it on someones little post, i promise to do this one day :] haha!

ok, i think ill be taking my leave now

:] goodbye people i like the most because you read the bloggity! Its what the cool kids do.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Predictable.

you do or you dont
you either will or you wont
yes, theres an in between,
but its only there when you cant face the fact that you dont, you wont.

This is about the time that i think to myself, you knew this would happen. There is no happy without any hurt, that would be too good for the universe to provide. Im upset, bothered, mad, i want to punch something, and when im feeling like this, its you who i turn to, but i cant now, its you whose made me this way. Ill never speak the same, talk the same, theres not going to be many morning texts, no late night phone calls, no feeling of solace when i see your face in my head. My heart will drop, and ill become stone to save myself, limit my words so they dont shake. Thats how it will be now. Love is a many thing, it comes in all forms, it dose everything possible to you. It makes you crazy, it makes you content, sometimes it keeps you going, some people live for it and some run from it. Some people even doom their selves when it comes to it, telling their selves "ill mess up, i know it, so ill end it now". That is called the easy way out, that is called giving up. I've never been one to give up, but i've met my fair share of people who have. It makes me stronger, colder, harder and smarter. Im not going to over react, cry, go on days of moping or being distant. Ill write, ill write for me, to save myself from everything thats on my mind. Ill be selfish and care about myself, pick up my own pieces and sit for a while. People are predictable, its like you driving down the road and you know you about to drive into a storm. You can feel it, smell it in the air, hear it and when your close enough you can finally see it. Waiting to be hit by that first wave of rain is the hardest though, the suspense kills me. Your hearts like a Library book, its bound to be given back sometime. And yeah, theres even a fee.

Well now that we've had a heart felt moment,of shit.

Today has been, well as you can tell not so good. But, today i went to starbucks and got this new latte, Toffee Mocha. its so good!! i loved it. And since its all cloudy outside it feels good for once lol. Im going to go watch Inception with Alek today, yesyes finally!! i havent heard a single negative thing about it and when ever i tell someone i didnt go see it, they get mad. haha! So, i need to, its a life thing. so thats at like 5pm. Then i think im going out with the girls at 9, maybe. And tomorrow im working 10am-9pm, oooh yeah tips for me. Sorry this is a short post, ill tell you guys tomorrow how i liked the movie, or just look at my twitter/ facebook. you know. ok, bye

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everything Will Be Ok.

“Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?.. That’s when you know you’ve found someone really special: when you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence.”

Its the complete fucking truth isnt it? I know exactly what it means. You know, when its fucking 4am, your both half asleep, but silent. And its ok, its comfortable, almost like their right next to you. You would rather be silent on the phone with them falling asleep, then hangup. And when you do have to finaly hang up, its up there on that list of Worst-Feelings-Ever. I think one of the best feelings i've had, is when your with that someone you care about most in the world, and your just laying there with them, enjoying the fact that your together, relishing in each others presence. Not remembering you have to leave the next day, that you wont see them for a long while and that the minute you leave, you'll be counting the minutes until you see them again. No you dont think about that, see, that moment seems to go on forever. Fucking bliss dude.

But then reality snaps back
And your half way home.

i had a really decent day today. Mainly since i have money now, yay tips!i work again on sunday. Today, i hung out with tasha and lynne, went to the mall for a bit, saw that movie "going the distance" and i sooooo suggest you go see it! warning, if your in a long distance relationship, or missing someone far away, this will make you miss them 10x more, lol.

So, the second journal for the class is all written up,its not too long either. I think its pretty much the same lenth as the last. the third will be fairly long though.
Journal #3
A secret is something that tears you up inside, when you think about it you become nauseated, you feel dirty and you want to scream. I know that every person on this planet has a secret of their own. Many never tell a soul, but they go over what happened in their head over and over again. I have a secret, I’ve kept it for 14 years now. I’ve tried to console to people about it, tried to get it out of my mind, and sometimes I truly forget about it. I fear what will happen if I reveal my secret, what will that person think. I know now, now that im olde,r its not my fault, but a piece of me will always feel that it is. Mainly, Ill always feel that way because I never told anyone, I should have. This secret is one that I would be relived to share, but I just cant yet. I’ve tried numerous times, but I still can’t. I’m just not ready to entirely admit what happen. I don’t know to whom I would be comfortable telling it to though, a stranger maybe. Someone I won’t have to see every day, I won’t have to look at them and wonder if their thinking about it. Nothing will become of this secret once its let loose; no one can do anything about it. It has been too long, it’s the past and its unchangeable. I don’t even think I myself will feel better or relieved about it, I assume I would be, but I can easily be wrong. I think about this, and I cringe, if I can hardly think about it without breaking, how can I say it aloud to someone. Idealized secrets of your self are easier to tell, they don’t hurt to think about. Secrets that degrade you, the ones that truly haunt you when your alone, those are the hardest to tell.

God these topics just make you want to write,
Im loving this English class!

I wonder how many people read my itty bitty blog, i dont really have a way of knowing. I mean, i have that page counter, but i wonder who lol, whoever it is! leave a message on the chat box down there to the right, i never use that effin' thing

like ever lol

give me something good to write about, yeah?

:]ok, im off
but ill be around the interwebs!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

where are you Fall?

Mustache Mustache Mustache.
So tired,
so very verrrry tired.

So, yesterday night, i couldent sleep at all! i was still freaked from that possible ghost. And now when i lay in bed i feel like someone is there, but only when i lay to sleep. So, ill probably die fron lack of sleep soon. Bound to happen. Oh but yesterday day after chem class i was so tired i ended up taking a four hour nap lol, i didnt even care about the ghost thing, i just crashed haha. it was very nice :]

So im fresh out of my English class right now, i have one packet to do for that class and thats all. We have weekly journals, done online, so i think ill be posting my Class journals for you guys to read. The topics are actually not bad at all, they are usually very stupid topics. I actully got into writing it, but they only have to be 250 words max, so their short, but fun to write, seeing as i like to write.

Im in the, cafateria area right now, and i brought some foor that i was going to heat up and eat, but im not hungry yet :/ but i do have till Oh and i go in at work today 4-9, its going to be a tiring day, i can tell. Before i go to work ill just have to take a 2hr nap haha :]

So heres the Journal, The topic question was along the lines of, how do you act in public? Do you find yourself acting different, or maybe not yourself at all? Do you/people act a certain way in public, around friends, and alone? Do you ever feel like an actor?

In public, as in stranger public, im a very happy-go-lucky kind of person. Im laid back, open to most ideas floating around in the world. I try to make myself that way, I try to be open to everyone and their views on everything. I come off as a very friendly and caring person, one you can easily pen up to, fall in love with, im someone you want to know. I dish out my manners, because that’s what im taught to do, don’t be rude. With people I know well, im a bit more open, im sarcastic, loud, obnoxious, I say what is on my mind whether good or bad. Im selfish because I feel it’s the only way to survive, im cold to strangers because it keeps you from getting hurt, this is my semi-public self. Or, that’s how I perceive it when I put myself in someone else’s place. I tend to like these roles, because a part of me is truly this way. Everyone is someone else in public, other wise everyone would be pissing each other off left and right. No one is completely their selves in public, but it’s a part of who they really are. I have thought often that I am an actor in the crowd, an actor in life. There is a certain way everyone expects you to be, power figures, friends, parents and even strangers. I must be polite, be good, obey rules, succeed, be friendly, nice, and presentable. I must be myself all at the same time though. In truth, I am uncaring to the world and myself, I am sarcastic, rude, funny, I make mistakes, sometimes I fail, I can be cold, sunny, warm, inviting, happy, and many more things. Everyone is an actor in public, because everyone is human and wants to be liked. Though maybe not liked by everyone, but by a select few. The one thing I consider myself best at, is acting, are we all not great actors? Are we all not great actors in this play of Life?

i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be MLA form, oh well -_-

You know, sometimes i get hit on by girls and it totally confuses me lol, i end up feeling all blindsided, then *awkward laugh* and a thaaannk youu... walk away. haha, im just an awkward person arn't i?

Heres the BlackBoxTV Episode3: Final Exit, this one is fucking awesome! out of the three this is now my favorite :]