Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pharmacists And Doctors To Deny Women Birth Control

A bill that allows pharmacists and doctors to deny women access to contraception has been signed into law by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. This new law is just one of many bills that the Republican governor has signed since he came into office. He has recently signed legislation that pressures abortion clinics with new regulations, legislation that imposes long waiting times to get an abortion, and legislation that bans insurance companies from covering abortion procedures.
This new bill, known as the Heath Care Rights of Conscience Act and sponsored by GOP state Rep. Lance Kinzer, was signed into law on Monday, and according to The Kansas City Star:
“The new law would bar anyone from being required to prescribe or administer a drug they “reasonably believe” might result in the termination of a pregnancy,” and could “open the door for a pharmacist to refuse a request for something like the “morning-after” pill.”

 Basically, any woman in Kansas could walk into a pharmacy to pick up a birth control prescription and be denied her medication by the pharmacist. All the pharmacists needs to do is claim to be acting on his or her religious convictions. And what’s worse, the pharmacist doesn’t have to refer the prescription to another pharmacy. Likewise, doctors also can deny women contraception and use religious liberty to get away with it. Even a woman who becomes pregnant through rape could be denied access to birth control.
This new law is just one more step toward a complete ban on abortion and contraception in the state of Kansas. It gives doctors and pharmacists the right to tell women what medication they can or cannot use. To give a pill pusher the legal right to deny a patient the medication prescribed by their doctor is a total violation of privacy and a major government intrusion. And giving doctors the right to dictate the reproductive choices of women is also an egregious violation by big government. This law will lead to an avalanche of costly lawsuits against doctors and pharmacies and is a threat to the health of women across the state.
Kansas seems to be ground zero for the Republican war on women this year. There is currently a billthat is stalled in the Senate that among other thing would levy a tax on abortion, severely limit third trimester abortions, and require doctors to falsely link abortion to breast cancer. If this bill were to pass the Senate and get signed by Brownback, as he has promised to do, it would be by far the most dangerous anti-abortion law in the nation. Women in Kansas may not have much time left to control their reproductive choices, because if the GOP has their way, women will be powerless to make their own health decisions.


Sometimes, I wouldn't mind certain people being in horrible horrible accidents.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The written word, sexy?

I think I have to completely agree with that mug, reading is very much sexy, or it should be. Where would the world be with out the beloved written word? I can say that reading has honestly kept me out of a world of trouble. Mostly by helping me keep my little mouth shut. Those times I sat in the school cafe and couldn't help the blithering idiots around me yelling about their life, I let myself sink into The Great Gatsby. When I was bombarded in my home by people I despise, I found a sunny spot on the porch and drifted into the words of The Lovely Bones. Its a good escape from people, bas situations, the world, and its relaxing. Especially if you have a lavender milk bath running and some music playing. I don't think it should matter what you read either, wether its a book written by a college dropout or a book filled with sparkling vampires and whatnot, you're reading and that's fantastic. In fact, it's sexy! You can read, comprehend sentences and your enjoying the story running through your head, sexy indeed.

A little bit of Nevaeh

So my niece was born this past May 8th, she is 7lbs and small as hell, I decided to post a little something for her :) I have 2 other nephews as well, Aiden who's about a year and a half and Antonio who's 11yrs old :) two proud big brothers! My sister had a cesarian section (do I add the section?) so getting Nevaeh out didn't take too long, but man was that hospital cold! But hey at least they had wifi. Also when I was in the waiting area a loud alarm went off and a woman on the intercom was saying "code pink, level two, elevators" and the 2nd level was the nursery. I was on the third level and I had just left the 2nd level. The other people on the waiting room and I started discussing the small chance a crazy woman was trying to steal a baby. But, I'm sure that didn't happen. So now I can buy tiny dresses and cute tiny shoes. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Vegas and a New Niece

So we went to Vegas again, home away from home, and we planned on getting a hotel room at the Flamingo on the strip which we did, but the best thing happened. They upgraded us to a huge pretty much an apartment suite on the top floor :] oooh yeah. It was amazing, huge! Big screen tv in the living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a dressing area and a bed room with a king bed :] and a beautiful view!!!! When we got to our room i seriously gasped at just seeing the huge double doors haha :] Vegas was having some great weather, all in the 90's, sunny with a small constant breeze and the perfect weather for pools and dresses. Oh and i had the best pineapple mojito at Caesars Palace, it hit the right spot :] got a dress and a jumper at H&M. The dress is black with tiny white flowers and the jumper is a light beige color :] Oh so the flights over there were a little scary this time, for me at least lol Nic was calm while i was digging my nails into the seat. There was cloudy and stormy weather leaving so there was a bit of turbulence, and it freaked me out, especially where the lights were going on and off haha. a fantastic trip :] now i'm ready for Florida beaches!

Oh, and, my niece was born May 8th, 7lbs and super small!!

Her name is Nevaeh.

Now Vegas!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"growing up psychic"

So I'm a firm believer in the paranormal, in spirits that walk among us, lost or unwilling to move on, bad and good, and in people who ave different abilities having to do with the paranormal. From actually speaking with them and seeing them, to feeling their emotional pain, to predicting future events big and small, to finding someone's pain using their energy. I have friends who are some of these people and I have my own stories to tell as well, but for a bunch of these people feeling like and out cast is a problem. I mean, how do you tell your parents you know when and how your grandpa is going to die? Or that there is a shadow in your room watching you? Well for me it wasn't too bad as these things run in my family, but I think it's really not the case for everyone. I have been reading a book called growing up psychic by chip coffey, and it is honestly one of the best books out there to help you feel less alone, to understand what the hell is going on around you, how to manage what seems like chaos, and to let you know you are most deffinetly not alone in this. This is a must read for anyone out there suspecting their child or themselves to be sensitives. It's empowering. And it sort of gives you hope. And yes, I know there is atleast one person out there reading this and thinking I'm crazy and it's all just not real, that I "need help", well you don't have to read this so screw off :) and if this sounds completely related to you know that you're not alone! :)