Saturday, April 30, 2011

im a coffee junkie

So i have been pretty busy with my classes lately, it's the end of the semester and were putting everything together so it requires my attention. :p geh. Anyhow! This the the last week of class instruction, and the week after i have 2 finals :] pretty sweet. Then ill be off to look for a part time job, but i want to find somewhere i can work with books, so any book store around my area or maybe a library? Just enough to support my coffee habit ;] lol

So i found a new show to love.
Doctor Who!!
ah its such a good show! They were having a marathon of the 5th season to begin the new 6th season and i fell in love with it, its awesome! and tonight they have episode 2 of season 6, so i'm waiting to watch it <3

and i just want to say, i don't know why this Royal Wedding was so amazing to people.

Another thing! My story was published in the Midtown Journal, i have the copy and i could not be any happier! The moment you see something of your published, for others to read, to find full interest in the story and hang on to every word till the end, its a pretty fucking amazing feeling :]

Since classes will be ending soon ill be able to start writing and finishing my stories :] finally, i know. Ive been posting poetry on the 2nd blog for now, so if your reading it hope ya like!

ok, i must go!


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