Friday, October 21, 2011

i'm alive!

how are you interwebs!
So guess what i'm doing in a few dayyyys!! leaving to Las Vegas on Tuesday with Nico! :] its a super early flight but it gives us more time to walk around and enjoy everything, i'm so excited!! Also first time on a plane and i'm a little blah about it haha, i'll takes a lot of pictures :] Were staying at this super pretty hotel, and i think i'll even get somevideo in while im there and have another video montage soon. I hate the editing software -_-" such a hassle.

So you saw on the last post that i'm going to be a pirate for Halloween and for Renfest :] well i was at the Halloween store with Nico and we were looking at the pirate things, boots, scarfs, hats, swords. And well a bit ago we were playing around that i don't get to have a sword cause i would end up poking his eye out or something haha, wellllll, the second i grab the sword at the store i hit his face hahahahaha <3 sorryy :D, he'll see this. Anyway,it happened when he was onthe phone to it was even more funny lol. I slowly gave him the sword, laughing and was like "oooh, haha you were right!i almost killed you!" hahaha
We found the hats and this was a pretty awesome pirate hat, i guess it was suppose to be like the Pirates of the Caribbean-y, and it was but it was super pricey lol so i think ill just wear a scarf or something around my head lol.

Well i'm off to target to buy some things for the little trip!

:] later interwebs!

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