Monday, June 27, 2011

Look what i did

cold summer days

I'm tired of trying, and i'm tired of trying to have faith in something, in everything and anything. Every event in life seems like a memory of dejavu, clouded but happening over and over. Same faces, same actions, same people. I'm not an affectionate being, i don't like talking about how i "really" feel but it stems from the fact that i hardly ever do feel. i try, i do but it dose not work. I think things over, whatever the situation, and i get past it, i make myself realize that this (whatever it is) was bound to happen. "What goes up, must come down", i think that is the best way to put it. And when its up, its pretty great, nice view, the air is clean and you have that weird but great no gravity feeling in your stomach. And when its down, which its bound to eventually be, you just close your eyes, take a breathe and hope that landing wont sting as much. Don't worry, after a while you hardly feel anything.
Then all that's left to do is slip off into dreamland.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Thing With The Stuff

Ive been missing in action for a couple of days, so sorry for that!

So i think the most interesting thing i've done while gone is that i went to a Chinese psychic munk! yeah. And yes, he was real!! it was so freaking crazy. I didn't even say anything to him, he just started talking to me and would lightly slap my knee every few minutes. He said names of my friends and family, names that were totally correct and he told me things about them. he also told me some things about myself, which were totally surprising. It was crazy how he knew how i felt, things from the past. And to top it off he never charges anyone. Ever. He dose this to just help. You can donate if you want, even a quarter, or a million dollars ( which has happened because Bush Jr. went there, he had pics up and everything!) So that was crazy shit.

I went to see the new XMen: Classic, and i must say i loved it! But you see the thing with me is i love almost any movie that is not a romantic shit comedy. Especially if its about people with powers. :] and yes, i know, it dose not follow the original story line from the comic, but what movie ever really dose?? Honestly. I mean i love the book The Lovely Bones, and i know the movie was not exactly like the book, that parts were changed, but i like the movie still. So, Xmen was awesome, i freaking loved the Banche character!! his power has to do with sound and sonic waves, its so cool!! i loved that :]]] haha, i actually do suggest you go see it, i already downloaded it haha, and yes, its good quality.

I went to Alex's graduation, which took forever with more than 600 names being called, i had a small surprise party for my moms birthday, i just put up streamers, baked a cake and put out some cookies. My nephew Antonio and i made shirts for here. His said " My Grandma Kicks Your Grandmas Ass!" and mine said " My Mom is Cooler Then Your Mom" haha :] she also got a new coffee mug with a coffee mug warmer, two shirts from a friend and something else i cant quite remember.

Today, im finishing up my store "Justice of Her Own", Yes! finally! and i started a new story ahaha, i write too many at once but i cant help it. So that should be up today at some point, just check the "writings" tab at the top :]

Andi made tow new banner things! very simple because all i can use to make these is Paint haha

I really like them ;]

Check out the 2nd bolg for the new story!