Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death Penalty [for english]

Some see the death penalty as an immoral or unnecessary action against criminals who have committed a horrific crime, and think they can be rehabilitated. The death penalty is an appropriate consequence for these kinds of people. I think that the death penalty should not only be legal, but should be in every state and supported by its government and people.
I think supporting the death penalty could scare criminals into stopping their actions and the way they are leading their lives. It shows criminals that the consequences for breaking the law so horrifically with murder or rape could be their life ending. Keeping the death penalty legal could even improve the amount of crime around certain areas, since some 56% of criminals are repeat offenders once their let out of prison (3). When someone thinks about breaking the law, they might think twice and stop. They might weigh the outcome that they could be caught, and sentenced to not just life in prison, but death.
The death penalty also gives closure to the victims’ family who have suffered so much. Life in prison just means the criminal is still around to haunt the victim and has a chance of getting out on good behavior (4). A death sentence brings finality to a horrible chapter in the lives of these grieving family members. Supporting the death penalty helps the families to cope and start healing, knowing the criminal cant hurt anyone anymore not only helps the family, but society as well. This can only be a good thing to the world, because there is no need for people who are willing to do something so unimaginable that it deserves death.
Some people argue that you can’t be sure of guilt, but with DNA you can prove who the criminal is and try them to the full extent of the law. DNA testing and other methods of modern science can now effectively eliminate almost all uncertainty to a person's guilt or innocence (1). One of the biggest arguments against the death penalty is the possibility of error. We can never completely eliminate all uncertainty, but nowadays, it's about as close as you can get, and much easier to prove guilt with DNA. DNA testing is over 99 percent effective (2) . And even if DNA testing and other such scientific methods didn't exist, the trial and appeals process is so thorough it's next to impossible to convict an innocent person. Instilling the death penalty on these individuals, who can be proven guilty with DNA testing, is an appropriate punishment to their actions.
The death penalty over all needs to be legal in every state and supported by the people in it. It protects and prevents future murders, can scare murders and criminals into thinking twice about the crimes they commit and can even help with the over population in prisons in the U.S. . Making and keeping the death penalty legal is one way to help society to keep dangerous criminals off the streets and out of the lives of innocent citizens.

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