Thursday, April 22, 2010

what to do what to do what to do

you know, sometimes life just has a period of time where it dose nothing but blows balls completely. Usually everything is sun shiny for me, and i try to keep it that way now, try not to let negative things get me down caue i have so much in life thats positive. But i just cant stand things sometimes, i cant stand idiots that im forced to work with, i cant stand waiting and thinking of it bothers me much more, i cant stand the people around me getting sick and slowly dying without knowing it, i cant stand that i really hate talking about how i feel lol it makes me feel like a guy, i hate being upset cause it seems pointless but i cant help it, i hate those rare times i want to talk, actuly talk but the person i try with dosent clue in on it and leaves me hanging, i loathe when everything annoys me or seems out of my control and all i can do is watch. I watch idiots think their right, i watch people not notice, i watch life erode and see myself watching it all, its annoying.ooh, the world is such an annoying place to be sometimes, especially if your standing alone, i really dont know what to do about all that will be happening this may and maybe june, this is going to hurt.

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