Friday, June 4, 2010

better off

* well i have not written in forever, and think its about time to fall back into my notebook and put my thoughts down. So, here you go,enjoy! and yes i do realize i write somewhat sad poetry, but its what i like, you feel it better. :D

i try
i try to get by
the memory of you
is always in the corner of my eye
im hypnotized.
though, we said our good-byes, and
i almost died, i swear i died
my heart dropped
time stopped.
my voice was caught.
It all came over me at once,
that first smile
the first sigh
the first time you nervously said hi
fear trickled down your skin
but that was the moment, you were invited in.
thats ages ago,
now were smarter, now i know
that you should walk away
no matter how bad i loved you,
how bad i wanted you to stay.
i had to go,
were batter off this way.

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