Wednesday, June 16, 2010


should your other, as in partner, lover, soulmate, boyfriend, whatever you want to call them, know everything about you? even if its dark and dim. should they know? Or should you wait till they begin to ask about it, wait till you have to and even then not tell the whole story. Or should you come out with it all at one. Do they have a right to know it all. maybe it will help them to understand you, help overall. or, will it just make you weak, scare them off leaving you alone? i cant sleep and this is whats ragging my mind right now.what do you do with a dim past? You would want them to know every bit about you, the dark the light the stupid and the great. Thats how it should be right? i feel like it makes you weak and i cant get past that feeling.
its 3am.
bother me.

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  1. Maybe they shouldn't know everything. In fact the mind keeps safe by concealing things from itself. So, maybe the things that you thought were bad, could just really be worse.

    Fantastic & Mesmerizing! :)