Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bully.

 A couple years back, maybe two at least, my oldest nephew was in elementary school. He has always been tall for his age, really knows right from wrong, and I've tried to teach him about the world, how people in other countries are different, why everyone is equal whether their skin color is different or they are gay, about helping others that need it and about doing what is right, even if it's not whats popular. Well, one day he was at recess, and a kid in his grade (i think 5th) was picking on a smaller 2nd or 3rd grader. Pushing him, calling him names, being a jerk. A bully. Well, my nephew saw this and of course knew it was wrong, but what to do? Tell the teacher who has never stopped it before? No. My nephew waited till after school, while everyone was walking home, and found the same bully picking on the smaller child. My nephew walked up to the bully, and said nothing. He stared at him as the bully started to call him names. My nephew punched the kid in the face, just once, knocking him back on his but. The bully was shocked! and he just listened. " if you ever pick on him, or any other kid around here again, i'm going to beat you up." He then walked home with the little kid who was being picked on. I know some say don't solve violence with violence, but he helped that kid, he stopped that bully. And that's why i love my nephew.

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