Friday, June 8, 2012

Hold thy tongue

You know, people can be so absurdly dumb sometimes that it actually surprises you. Part of you, of course, expects the person to be that stupid but part of you hoped they would have learned, but no. They are just that dumb. And what's worse is having to hold your tongue for the sake of others. You'll do it without a doubt, but it is still annoying because you wan to ask why. Why are you so dumb? Do you ever look back and think "maybe..I won't do that anymore", do you? Just think, common sense, why can't you think? So since I am holding my tongue, I write my despise down :) I have this irking feeling you know your dumb, and think no one cares about the stupid things you do, but everyone knows and sees, it's annoying. I just can't escape the stupidity, it's everywhere. So I'll just continue to hold my tongue an watch the train wreck that is you :)

On a lighter note I'm starting to feel better and am going to beer fest tomorrow with nic :) he has a show :)

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