Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not a zombie, just a lunatic, that's all

Well I'm sure all you Internet savvy, news watching, zombie preparing people have heard about all these recent zombie like attacks. One, a young man ate "bath salts" and attacked a man on the street, ripping his face off with his teeth, the man survived but now has no right eye or nose. I saw the pictures online and they were horrible, he was a bloody mess. But! He's out of surgery and in good spirits!
I won't post the pictures here, I don't think the sponsors would like it, but you can just google: Miami Zombie

Another zombie like attack was a man kidnapping another man and killing him, and eating parts of his heart and brain. The police found the missing persons hands and severed head in the mans fridge. He disposed of other body parts at a church dumpster. And this guy wasn't even high!

And the last one I read about. A junkie high on meth was fleeing cops. So what dose he do? He takes out his knife and slashes his stomach open, starts to pull out his intestines, and starts to throw them at the cops!!
You'll have to google any pictures you'd want to see cause again won't post em here.

But I have to admit, when I first heard this my first thought was zombie. Zombie! But thankfully it was just a bunch of crazy people :) whew!

Crisis avoided!

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