Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lazy picture post

:) I've been very gone lately but I thought I'd do a picture post :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not a zombie, just a lunatic, that's all

Well I'm sure all you Internet savvy, news watching, zombie preparing people have heard about all these recent zombie like attacks. One, a young man ate "bath salts" and attacked a man on the street, ripping his face off with his teeth, the man survived but now has no right eye or nose. I saw the pictures online and they were horrible, he was a bloody mess. But! He's out of surgery and in good spirits!
I won't post the pictures here, I don't think the sponsors would like it, but you can just google: Miami Zombie

Another zombie like attack was a man kidnapping another man and killing him, and eating parts of his heart and brain. The police found the missing persons hands and severed head in the mans fridge. He disposed of other body parts at a church dumpster. And this guy wasn't even high!

And the last one I read about. A junkie high on meth was fleeing cops. So what dose he do? He takes out his knife and slashes his stomach open, starts to pull out his intestines, and starts to throw them at the cops!!
You'll have to google any pictures you'd want to see cause again won't post em here.

But I have to admit, when I first heard this my first thought was zombie. Zombie! But thankfully it was just a bunch of crazy people :) whew!

Crisis avoided!

Friday, June 8, 2012

HoustonPress Music Awards! Time to vote!

So as ya know Nic is in a band, but you should honestly check em out because you will without a doubt love what ya hear :) they have made some member changes and sound pretty amazing! They are in the studio right now recording their album and I can tell you, it's turning out fantastic :) they just played summer fest and are playing beer fest tomorrow! So do me a great favor and vote for em for the Houston Press Music Awards! They deserve it and you deserve to add some new good music to your library :)

Here's the band page:

And here is where you can vote!


Please vote for SecondLovers :)

Hope you love the music and vote!


:) :) :)
You can look em up on YouTube for more music :)

Hold thy tongue

You know, people can be so absurdly dumb sometimes that it actually surprises you. Part of you, of course, expects the person to be that stupid but part of you hoped they would have learned, but no. They are just that dumb. And what's worse is having to hold your tongue for the sake of others. You'll do it without a doubt, but it is still annoying because you wan to ask why. Why are you so dumb? Do you ever look back and think "maybe..I won't do that anymore", do you? Just think, common sense, why can't you think? So since I am holding my tongue, I write my despise down :) I have this irking feeling you know your dumb, and think no one cares about the stupid things you do, but everyone knows and sees, it's annoying. I just can't escape the stupidity, it's everywhere. So I'll just continue to hold my tongue an watch the train wreck that is you :)

On a lighter note I'm starting to feel better and am going to beer fest tomorrow with nic :) he has a show :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A wedding!

So this past June 2nd was Gabes and Virginas wedding :) it was wonderful! Beautiful and everyone had smiles on :) she was gorgeous! I was a brides maid, and may I add, the smallest shortest brides maid lol even in heels! Nic played the song for the wedding party and for when the bride walked down the isle :) their song was The Girl by City and colors, it was so lovely!! Lots of dancing and drinks after. The wedding party took a shot of chilled tequila after the ceremony lol I had to do half then half again :p here are some pictures! I got them from my aunt because my own camera is broken right now :/


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free press summer fest!

So even though I was sick I went with Nic and some friends to summer fest,
His band had a show there :) they were
Great! They brought in a really big crowd too :) and dear lord it was hot, I was like dying and am now super brown. We saw YoungTheGiant! WillieNelson!! And Primus and PrettyLights :) those are just the big bands, we saw the tontons, ponderosa, but missed fratherface :/ but omg we saw Willie Nelson! I'm so happy and ahhhhh Willie Nelson! Lol it was my first summer fest, it was amazing :)

Florida trip!

Sorry for the lack of posts I've been sick and busy :/ doing better now!
Our Florida trip was from may 21-23rd and it was pure amazing! I had never really seen a nice beautiful clear water beach before :) just laying on the beach with Nic was so relaxing, listening to the water, going out into it, going to the bar at the beach for drinks :) it was do fun! I hope we go back again cause now I want a good beach, but we're stuck with Galvaston lol