Monday, December 14, 2009

get up

don't tell me not to worry
cause your whats always on my mind
your what i think about
94% of the my time.
don't tell me no to worry
sadness reeks from your breath
untimely words drip from your lips
i wont take this, no more words that drip
lifes hard and yes sometimes we trip
but i promise soon ill be there
casue when you fall, ill risk it all
and when you trip, i wont be afraid to take a hit.
so dont tell me not to worry
when what i care about is sad
i can hear it in your voice
and i know everything seems wrong
but i know you can make it
i know your strong
so get up,get up
dont say you want it to end
lifes worth living,and if its broken
i promise,
it will mend.

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