Friday, December 4, 2009

This is it

I need you with me
i need your arms around me
your voice telling me,
whats to be.
With you,
i anticipate everything i can see.
i want to look into your eyes
hold a gaze forever,I'd know your for me
I'd get lost in everything i see
I'd want to give you the world at any cost,
but all i can give you is me.
With you,
i know I'm happy
flying,soring in the sky
with nothing but you in my mind
your mine,
your all i need now
keep me close,ill never let you down.
i need you with me
hold me,
i want to feel your touch,
ill shudder
but ill grab for more,
pull you closer
down to the floor.
ill mutter, I love you
ill kiss your lips
Ive waited my whole life for this

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