Monday, December 21, 2009

Race for life

im in a new place now

in a new race now

tryin to keep up tryin to stand up and face how

life has turned and ohya it burns but hey

im ok cuz im strong and i can finish this race cuz im not wrong,im right

and ill show it in my fight ill knock you out, down to the ground im on top and i cant be stopped!

dont get in my way cuz ill push you away today and keep runnin to the sun to that prize that lies within my eyes only

oh yes i see what i need and how i want to be me but i need to reach me first i need to see me cuz im lost

it may be dark and i know im lost but i know i was right from the start,

ill find my way one day not today and ill see me ill be me and be happy cuz the prize is me,finding myself and who i am,

Im Strong.

And Here I Stand.

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