Wednesday, July 28, 2010

if they give you ruled paper, write the other way.

Well now.

August 28th
Monday&Wednesdays 8am-11AM Chemistry
Tuesday&Thursdays 8am-9:30am English & 12:30-2pm Speech

i need a new coffee mug, mine fell into a black hole and is yet to be recovered.Parking Permit, books and..what am i missing,im missing something, ?

im not sure if i should even take classes. We're suppose to move in october, to corpus, but the parent want me to take my classes anyway. pointless right? so they throwing around the idea of staying till december, till my semester is over. i dont know witch way to go on this, any ideas?

those are the classes for now,i might add one more for mondays and wednesdays since they canceled the math class i was signed up to take :/ unsure still. But, i finally got my car back woot! i get to use it again, i love it :3 Hyundai Sonota '07, deep dark purple, sunroof and beautiful *sigggghhhhhh i love it! haha.
So my grandpas viewing was on friday, i got to raymondville around noon, woke up at 5am and left at 6am, it was a six hour drive..went to the viewing it was sad. the church part and funeral/burial was saturday, it was nice, he got a 21 gun salute for being in the Army and war, my family got to keep the bullets. After we all went to my Aunt Vivians for food, beer and just to be with family, it was fun i love her backyard its like perfect for parties and BBQ's sunday we just went to see more family and monday we left back to houston, 6hour drive -_- haha i got home and went to bed at nine! so, early.

im watching The Craft right now.

you know what, all my favorite coffee shops always end up closing. And their always the good ones, self-owned, K*Scoops, Harvest, i loved them. now im stuck with Starbucks or Dunn bros. Dunn bros is shit. sorry. id go to Agora but its too far and all the good seats are always taken. ItsAGrind is ok, but their missing the fun atmosphere. god i miss harvest. Carlo where are you!!..i hate you Starbucks, your so god damn convenient.

So i have a twitter, right? i gave in a while ago and its not too bad. but the reason i have it is because of one Lord Voldamort. yes, Harry Potters enemy. He is way too funny, i love reading anything he has to say its always hilarious! so because of that, i would so be a Death Eater. HP dorks know what im talking about haha. so you should defiantly check Lord V out,

Way too funny.

im way beyond bored right now, i feel a buffy marathon happening soon

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