Thursday, July 29, 2010

lets dream a little longer,yes?

well, ive fixed up the blog a bit. Added a few side pictures, changed the backround, but the template is the same. Though, i cant seem to get the header centered, the "Hey Jude" picture up there ^^

yes that one.
but im liking the new backround :]

So i had a pretty great dream, but when i woke up i tried to dream longer. Have you done that? and theres that feeling of dreaming but you know you are, and you know its about to end, so you say bye to who ever your dreaming of. gosh i didnt want to say bye, lol. So after i wake up, i lay in bed for ten to twenty minutes, trying to think of everything that was in my dream,

im not very sure what im doing today, at all. drive around for a bit? i dont have any real set plans, and its ugly outside still, so it makes me want to just stay in lol. Im personally wishing it was fall or winter already. I want it to be cold, i want to wear my coat, mittens, boots, scarfs and hat. I think everything here just seems more beautiful when its cold. You have all the lights out everywhere, downtown, montrose, discovery green, the heights, rice village, everywhere is just beautiful. Stay out late at partys, but the cold makes it feel like clean fun to me. i dont know, i just might be crazy. :3

ok, time to put clothes on, other than pajamas.

god damn that butterscotch latte.
its good :]

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