Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, well hello there stranger!

Look at me..all manly with my Texans jersey

Its been a long week. lol.

Sorry for ignoring you interweb!

Just your usual school, work,school, work. Went to rice village a couple of days ago, on saturday i think? Went to eat at this resturant that i cant remember lol, went to a french bakery :p And it was amazing, it was tiny, cute, and yummy, itsnot worth the drive though lol for me atleast, i dont think i could do it lol. Went to this small store my dad loves called 10,000 Villages, it has hand made tings from small villages, and the profit from selling them goes to them :] i got my dad a singing bowl (its pretty awesome), got myself a bag and a bracelet. The bag was made in Tanzania, and the people who make them can put any phrase on the bag that they want to, and mine says "Naishi kiungwana sitaki malumbano" which means "I live in peace and do not argue", its very pretty! and my bracelet was made in Nepal, and has all there symbols on it, that have meaning, but, i dont feel like typing them all. lol.

So guess what! go on, guess!! RenFest is starting this weekend! i want to go so bad! i dont have to go to the one this weekend, but it would be awesome to. It will be happening every weekend till the weekend after thanksgiving :] so i got time, lol. What imuber excited for too is the TurkFest this month! There is going to be so much good food! lol,

aahhh turkfest!!.. sorry,
im excited to eat lots,


Just got back from the mall, shopping spree! it felt good to spend money on clothes for myself :] got a bunch of shirts, a scarf and a really nice jacket. SIGH, i needed that haha. i love me some XXI, oh yeah.

god i really want some taco bell..
ive been wanting it alllllll week!!
but i never end up going..

too tired to drive damnit!!

So i have this weird obsession with trees.
there just so fucking pretty.Damnit.

So im really bored right now, no homework to do, no nothing. And i WANT to go get food buut, im way too tired to drive lol, get me foods? hm?hmmmm? lol.

oh, so the other day i had a chem test and mann, i studied right before the test, well, a couple hours before. And the thing is, that works for me. I dont need to study for days and days, endless hours, i just need a couple before the test, and i recall everything. I got the formulas down, everything. I raped that test. Like, really raped it, i know it. haha. :]

and you know what else? someone told me today that people have eaten babies before.So it made me feel bad about you know, eating baby jokes, dead baby jokes (dark humor much?) but, then i was like, is it really true? lol, but imnot sure if i want to knwo, so, ill hold off on google'ing that bit of info. for my sake, not yours, so by all means! google it!

Harry Potter next month!!! omg. ooooh man, shits going down now!

ok, goodbye interweb!
ill be back soon!


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