Saturday, October 9, 2010

And i know your mine!

So my 'stache is coming in,
its pretty sweet.. ;]

Todays been a very productive day
Nephews soccer game, hes team captin
and pretty much best on the team

I took a bunch of pictures for their site, my sisters boyfriend is their coach this season lol. Its cute seeing them all play but sometimes i want to yell "beat them! kill them! Kick it!" but you cant, you can only say encouraging things like :nice job! good kick!" and you cant boo. SO i just stick to yelling their names, their team name and whooooooooooooOOOOoooOOOooo. lol, it works. Sometimes they introduce them, and he is Antonio "The Wall" Curoooo!!!! haha, so cute.

Lets seee, i wrote my essay on Prejudice in America today, its on the second blog if you want to go check that out, and theres a new story "our destined red planet" go on, read it and leave me feedback :]lol

its really freaking hot in my room,
damnit. come fix it?

Ive just been home for the most part today,just hanging out, writing, getting my horror story on ya know? lol

Might go out with Steve tonight for some sushi!

mmmmmmmmm, raw fish..sometime not raw, and cooked eel:p


ok, short post and what not, bye! :]

PS. Kitteh 'Stache!!

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