Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walk Tall!

^^ thats me and my mom at La Madeline :3

So i've been a bad blogger :/ lol!!

Sorryyyyy, uber busy a lot lately. Been doing alot of school work, essays, if youve been reading my second blog, chemistry studying, then work too, and plain ol' going out! i went to see the new facebook movie today! the social network, its pretty good! i totally recommend it.

Today i went shopping for my sisters baby shower, bought some baby clothes, and ordered a Jimi Hendrix onesie at HotTopic :] its way too cute lol

So heres what i got, minus the Jimi one, because i have to pick it up tomorrow

And here is the crib

Oh man, my parent and i went to La Madeline the other day and it was so good. We sat outside, and i got the vegeterian hot sandwich and i was awesome.

I have been writing a lot more lately, and yes yes, i know i have various grammatical errors everywhere, lol, but i type it so fast it just happens. I go back and check it but i never get all of them so please, bare with me haha. I have a note book that i bought today for my stories on the go lol, because i always end up writing them in a random chem. or English note book, so this is just easier. And i think im going to write a second part for the "Our Destined Red Planet" story, because i leave it hanging in the end and people keep asking about it, and wanting more from that story, so i just might, 'ive already started on it :]

So im going to turn in my essay real quick online, and then ill post it to Blog#2 so you can give me any feedback you want to :] then i have a second essay to start, its a argumentative essay. Were given topics and so far the best one to write on is "should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes" so, we'll see how that goes. And i have a presentation to put together for speech, a persuasive presentation. I think i might do it on KTRU, you know, SAVE KTRU!, i think it'll go well


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