Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drinks, pretty days and sequels

oh jesus!
So i wasn't sure why but the blogger network was not letting me log onto my account. Extremely frustrating. But it only took forever to fix it! Turns out, there were too many "cookies", which i know about and all but never understood what to do with them. Well i had too many i guess? my Browser is Google Chrome, so i had to delete the cookies, then enable cookies, and bam, it works.

So fucking annoying dammit.

:] So last night i went out with some friends and we had drinks at cafe 101, and i had this pineapple mojito wave ting, oh man it was delicious! i love pineapple. And i had a peach mojito too that was good but pineapple was better! it was happy hour so drinks were sort a cheap, and got some fried squid, i effing love fried squid! it sounds gross and weird at first but dude. Its fucking delicious. I swear. Eat it!! I love that place, all the waitresses are hot ;] hahaha. That was for Tasha. I hadn't seen my ladies for a while so it was nice seeing them, i missed my wives lol, hopefully i see them tonight again! Oh also yesterday i had some frozen yogurt earlier in the day at some place called Swirl, its near the galleria and the Nordstrom Rack, it was so yummy!! i should have taken pics :p but i had the cheese cake frozen yogurt with bits of cheese cake and strawberries, haha :] can you tell i love cheese cake?

Today i slept in a bit and came strait to kims tea house to do some writing for my stories and to do me some blogging! oh yeah, i'm back. haha, i know I've been lazy with blogging lately, but i promise, ill keep it up more often :] ah its so pretty outside today! sunny! its pretty hot though but im inside and near a window so, imstill enjoying it!

OH. So, my sci-fi story Our Destined Red Planet is the only one where people getaway, but you don't really find out what happens to them. I had a lot of people asking what happened, did they survive, will they survive and get off the planet. So, i'm happy to say that there will be a PART 2 for this story! I'm in the process of writing it already and hope you will love it.

PS, only person i love, right there man!

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