Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love this song aahhhh

So anyway hello interwebs :]
how you be?

Im going out in a while over to my friends
But last night i went to my old HS choirs pop show! its an end of the year show and they have a slide of the seniors, it was pretty decent too! Except for the mics not working at all and the whole not being able to hear anyone till near the end!
But i was talking to my friends and the new school cop, who btw if fucking hilarious! that guy fucking cracked me up!! anyway, apparently they reassigned the old principal (castro) and put in a new principal who has only ever worked in elementary schools. Goooood idea right? -_- So the cop and my friends were telling me how all hell broke loose when Castro left. Like people putting baby oil on the stairs, WTF. Stink bombs, which were used to make people run to the baby oil lathered stairs, and balloons filled with chlorine. why do people have to suck so much! oh and there were like 6 food fights.

Shit like that didnt really happen when i was there.

So the best part of the little pop show was when the mens choir did thriller! oh man it was so awesome!! yeah, there were zombies :]

ok well im going to get dressed and stuff, yeah im being lazy, and going out later.
Ill take pics :p

I shoud really do a video soon, but dammit editing is a pain!

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