Thursday, November 1, 2012

Walk through hell

Mouth closed
Sewn shut
Eyes turned,
Trying to avoid the bright light that is reality
You lurk in the back of my mind
A rotting memory hanging onto life in the hallow of my skull
And I can't run
I'm chained to the dirt you've dragged through my mind
The dirt that creates the sickness that is you
All that you live for is what people like me die from
The secret scenes in a child's heart, they are like movie reels put away
Dusty. Moldy.
Forgotten for the moment.
But alas, they do exist
Open your eyes, and face the demon
Walk into the hell fire and come out the end
Burned, scorched, blackened and bloody
But alive.
I'm alive.
I exist.
And my eyes are now open.


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