Saturday, November 3, 2012

Working gal

So the new job has been pretty great, I can honestly say its better then all the other jobs I've had. Probably cause they all have had to do with food. Not so great. This job though, love it. And I'm really getting the hang if it too, I've already made some sales and it's only day 2
So I found a pair if RayBans at work that I'm keeping my eye on because now that I'm wearing glasses again, I need sunglasses with a prescription too. So I found a pair I love, and I'm thinking they are the ones :) base I can not keep driving with he sun burning my face and eyes off.
Plus found a pair to buy for Nic too :)
So even though I'm working I'm still having trouble sleeping. I never just fall asleep, its always led with the process of tossing and turning. Moving the pillows endlessly around. Kicking at the hot bed sheets. I need to buy more sleepy time tea soon. I thought I'd be a bit more tired. After work and all.
I've been falling back into writing poetry again :) I love just writing and having the words flow out like molasses :)

I'm going back to tossing and turning now.

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