Monday, March 26, 2012


Today I'm sick, had a doctors appointment and decided to paint :) meds in a bit then sleep. Later

Friday, March 23, 2012

Show tomorrow!

Tomorrow night SecondLovers is having a show at Fitz! It's going to be a great show with TheWheelWorkers and ShadowHound! It's 6$ a person and an all ages show. If your a Houston local come on out! I'll be there to help sell some of the new shirts they just came out with and other merch they have! And cupcakes too. Hope y'all come on out if ya can!

New items in!

I have some new items in the store! The newest are some HungerGames shirts and bags and a new StopKony shirt too! If you want to be fully stocked for when you see the new HungerGames movie you should chech out the gear Ive put up, it's pretty cute! Hope you check out the store! :) if you do, thanks! Of you don't, well, I'm mad at you. :)

Just thinking about death

I think thinking about death is something we always try to avoid, it's too hard, too difficult to accept. Live in the now, right? But I can't help but to sit up right now and think of death. A friend of mine from choir, A, who is by all means the nicest, most creative, totally not evil, hippie-esque girl I've ever known has lost someone. She is the kind of person who brings positive feeling and light into a room. The type of person who if anyone were to make her cry, a mob of people would come to her rescue and kick the ass of whoever did it. Though we haven't spoken since high school (2009) were on each others social networks. Well, her long time boyfriend, who she was with for a couple of years, who she traveled with to India, Budapest, Europe, spreading the word of their god, but never in an obnoxious in your face way, has passed away. He died. He was ill. And I can't help but feel this utter sadness overcome me, because she must be in pieces. All I can think, picture, or feel, is the heart break she must be going through. Because she loves him. And I know that if that happen to me, I would be more then heart broken, I'd be completely inconsolable. Id be torn apart. To lose your love, your best friend, the person who you thought would be your one and only? The utter thought tightens my throat. And for this to happen to someone as nice as her makes me so mad. Confused. It leaves me asking why? The always unanswered question that follows any hard death. Why. I hope she will one day be ok. Wtf universe?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Purple hair please

It's been a bit of a lazy day for me today, other then answering some emails I've been relaxing with my beautifully made coffee and Netflix (which my amazing boyfriend got me) hehe now I have all doctor who seasons and Avatar the last air bender at my disposal! Oh happy days! :) I'll be doing some promotions and interviews for an author soon, she wrote a great book called SocialPunk, I haven't read the whole thing yet (just a prologue) and it was fantastic! People who live in a virtual world, very interesting to tech savvy people like me :) I can't wait to read the whole thing! So boyfriend has a show this weekend, Saturday night at Fitz, hopefully it'll be a great show :) they go on at 11- midnight cause their the headliners. Oh and they have some cool new shirts so you should go check them out :) Also some other local Houston bands will be playing, featherface and the wheel workers! I've also made some new designs for my online store! If your a BoondockSaints movie fan I think you will like them :) HeyJudesCloset

Also, thinking about full on purple hair


Other day at PoisonGirl, I had never been before. We had a date night and went to HayMerchant for a drink and dinner, Anvil for a drink and then PoisonGirl to promote, then home :) it was fun

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HeyJudesCloset, my online store

So I threw around the idea for a bit and I did it, I opened my own online store for clothing, mugs, tote bags, stickers, pins and plenty more! I'm very excited to see what happens with this :) all the designs are original and unique by me and maybe even from anyone wanting to donate designs! I have a couple designs up, more are for sure coming soon! So please go check out my store! Here's the URL :)

I really hope you, whoever you are where ever you are, all Internet type people, love what I have :) more designs coming soon!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Playing boyfran on DrawSomething, he makes the cutest drawings!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey Jude Shirts?

Maybe. I was looking around to maybe test one out, just for me at least. See how people like them, if i even like them. So far i came up with one design, simple, says HeyJudeWrites, but i want to make one with an original design! but im rubbish with computer art. So any body send a design in and maybe it'll become a shirt! Heres what i have
I love the colors,and obviously its a girls shirt
I'm throwing around the idea 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your pointless.

You know what? I hate people who are worthless, needless and useless. Especially if their constantly in my life. So, if you want to be a drunk, go ahead. Want to do drugs? Go on, do it. Break into cars, steal from people, "jump" random kinds on the street, go ahead and do it because apparently "you do you". No one is going to stop you. Why? Because why bother. You're a lost cause. There's no hope. Countless people have said it. You're creating the shithole that will be your entire life. It honestly dose take all my strength not to retaliate to your childish, moronic, non-sense, wanna-be-gangster "insults". But I don't. Because the pleasure I'll have when you eventually, and we all know that's soon, end up in jail will be fucking glorious. Because honestly the only thing I feel for you is cold and utter disgust. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trip to Aquarium World

That's my oldest nephew Antonio :] he is only 11 years old and got sponsored by MuscleMilk for his skateboarding the other day. He is going to actually make it one day with his boarding, i know it. He is awesome, ever trying, never gives up and will skate all day if he can. So opposed to a certain puss-filled-jealous-piece-of-crap-overgrown-child who told this 11yr old to "give up" and said that "you'll never make it" and "your not even good", Antonio will make it. And that certain waste of space person can go bite the curb. k? :]
See, it's nice to vent!