Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lovely News..

so for a long while I stopped blogging and started writing in my journals, short fiction and poetry, some of which have been chosen to be published and have won a few contests. I also ended up releasing my own poetry chapter book after one of my cousins passed away. Right now in life, the sun is shinning. I'm about to marry my best friend, April 4th, we're starting our lives together and it feels like a lovely cool breeze has blown over our lives. everything just feels so blissful, and I feel like sharing it with everyone.
I want to try to keep this blog alive and going, with personal stories of our everyday lives from being lazy at home, to going out to shows or traveling the world. In fact, this past February, I was in Hawaii for two weeks with Nic, it really was paradise. I'll also be adding posts of book reviews, if you don't know, I work at a book store. And maybe some DIY projects too, especially with my wedding being very DIY, ill post those projects here too!

I'm ready to bring this back :]

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