Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY Wedding Bouquets!

1. So first I  gathered all my materials. Which for me, were the flowers I wanted, wide loose burlap ribbon, small light colored lace/burlap ribbon, floral tape, and what's no pictured are my wire cutters, scissors and pins with yellow rounded tops.

2. I began to arrange my flowers to my liking. For me, I held the stems in my hand loose and just moved them all around until I loved it :]

3. I decided to wrap the floral tape before I cut the stems. Just to be sure it was exactly how I wanted it. It leaves you hands a little waxy, but washes right off! I got my tape from Michaels.
4. Then came the cutting, which is super tough, but I got it done!

5. I wrapped the newly taped base with the wide loose burlap ribbon, and placed my pins in it. Be sure to push the pins in at an angle, so it doesn't go straight through and poke you. 

And wah-la!  Were done!
The finished bouquets! Brides (mine!) and maid of honors


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