Monday, March 29, 2010


So i went to Raymondville this friday [6hour drive] for a Funeral/mass for my great aunt Esperanza, from my moms side, it was nice, alot of family i never knew were there AND a cousin i never ment that apparently looks like my twin haha.So both my grandpas are sick at the moment, one with his liver[Rocha] the other with his heart[chevo], my grandpa chevo is doing MUCH better now, but my grandpa Rocha is in a retirement center.medical center, i think he will pull through though the doctor said he had years more to go :] so yay!
We hung around my grandma Felas for the weekend and found out some family history that i WILL make a tree for. So, im basically half native american,i dont know the name of the tribe but from somewhere way up north, im a quarter German/dutch[are they the same?] and a quarter Puerto Rican, the Puerto Rican is interesting though.My great great grandmother was a mail order bride who was bought, sent to america, and married and family say that in Puerto Rico she was known as a witch. haha, awsome right? Well i took some pics so here they are, oh and there was this amazingly cute blue heeler there, i fell in love with him

Some sunsettings, my nethew and me :]

Some pics of Raymondville and from the mass

This is the cute blue heeler and my Aunts black dog chico

This is my Grandpa Chevo :]

So there you go!

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