Sunday, March 14, 2010

la publica!!

so i went to the flea market today with my family!thirteen of us lol, mom dad jessica antonio gabe virgina markus dustin yahida Bigantonio and val. ah, it was perfect weather! sunny with a cool breeze :] we were pretty much everwhere lol i ate cheesy curly fries, a turkeyleg, an icee, the corn with chili and mayo and ate some of my moms fruit cup. we shared it all!sooooo im not that much of a fatty haha. so i saw this hippie store and it was awsome, they had so many colorful things so i had to buy a shirt, so! i got this :]

its so pretty! and comfey!
ah, so a party tomorrow night,
and a beach party all day tuesday,
im in charge of foods :p

annd this is a pic i messed with cause i got bored :]
my phone dosnt do much, but it can do this!

and well, i just thought this was cute <3
so here ya go!

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