Saturday, March 6, 2010

WWZ ps..i love zombies

So we had to do a quick fictional story for my english class, and since i effin love zombies, here ya go! i thought id post it for the few who read my blog.

World War Z
The world never knew what was coming. We joked about this fictional horror and labeled it as nonsense. I can remember when it began, for me at least; it was pitch black that night. My yard looked as if a blanket had been thrown over it, the air was crisp and held the faint scent of fresh laundry. That was the day the world changed for not just me but everyone in it, forever.This was the invasion of the Zombies.
I was in the family room attempting to watch my favorite show, but couldn’t over the clashing voices of my mother and brother. My father was in the kitchen, I could smell the oregano, so I was looking forward to some spaghetti soon. Fluffy, our dog, was relentlessly barking out the window in our dinning room, barking at nothing but the dark. We thought it was a cat, some animal in the garbage. The window in the dinning room came crashing down, we were unprepared for what was about to happen to us.
We ran to our dinning room, it was a very plain room except for the dark cherry wood table and the cabinet full of thin china glass. Now the room was loud, full of color, full of red. The was a blood covered man on my floor, I could see his flesh torn, missing, his bone poking out the most unnatural way possible. The oder that was coming from him was unimaginable, it gripped my senses and tore them to pieces. I couldn’t get a hold of myself, I was going to be sick, I could feel it burning and creeping up my throat but I was too horrified to realize it. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t run, I couldn’t even think straight I was just staring. I thought he was dead, but he stood up to stare at us, to stare at me. He looked me in the eye for what felt like a life time, and he came at me.
I could move again but it was too late, all I could do was scream, scream like I never have before, as if it were my last. My father had gotten his gun without me noticing, he shot the creature down. First in the arm but that didn’t even phase the creature, than in the head and he stayed down. The second shot was like a rope, pulling me back into reality. We grabbed a few things, canned food, water, clothes, my dads few guns, a cell phone and headed to our SUV. The radio said those, things, were everywhere. They were attacking people, eating them than turning into them. I didn’t know what this was, a disease or our worlds end but I planned to survive. There was a city that was letting uninfected people into it, they were low on supplies but it was secure. The guys on the radio referred to it as the Safe City, and that was our destination.
We drove for days on end, killing a few of those things on our way. I knew that once this was over, I’d be changed forever. I could see it happening to my family around me, everyone but my father and I had given up hope and reaching Safe City. I was determined. It was dawn now, we should have reached the city days ago. I was worried about my mother, she needed normal, that city was our only chance to live and her only chance at sanity. We came over a hill and I felt an instant wave of relief over my entire body. It was like these past few weeks I was choking, that permanent noose around my neck had finally loosened. We pulled up to gates that were as tall as my house, they looked indestructible. This was the SafeCity, we made it.

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