Friday, March 12, 2010

happyhappyhappyhappy song

so, for the first time in a couple of years i decided to smoke. Now ive long time quite but it just something about this weather that makes me want. The sun, air, tempeture and the total need for no jackets. its pretty much amazing outside right now. It all just makes you want to sit out on your porch admiring the world while you hit that shit.I could really go for some dennys right now. But as soon as i hit it and already feelin it.and it made the world feel better,the clouds looked clearer and my smile coule touch the sky. its a good feeling so why would you wanna quite a good feeling? I look back and its always for someone, not me. I quite to satisfy my other halfs need, for a clearer life, but mine was never foggy to begin with so, why me?I slipped up a few times ill admit, but i guess i was still telling myself, "eh why no", because i never wanted to leave it. i was fine. i was i decided i should be happy,in any ways and all ways whoever is reading, you should go be happy.go now, just do it, whatever it is.

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