Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Times!

Long time no see!

So Thursday was AWESOME :] We went to fits to go see The Drums, and it was pretty cool, We were in the front and the waiting for them to come out was killing me! There was this couple there that were dancing around really crazy lol, they mayyy have been on ex.I thought they would be selling their shirts or CD's but they werent :[ lol. The Guitarist was so cute! He was dancing around and was just adorable :3 heehee.

Then on Friday we went to Screen On the Grenn, at Discovery green! i suggest all of you go sometime its fun, free, you bring blankets to lay on, you can bring food, drinks its fun! So we went and they were showing Rushmore, it was so funny! and before the show they had a little costume contest and the guy who won looked exactly like the main character Max. We brought ourselves some Viet sandwiches and sodas, i brought blankets and some guy asked to take our picture for the Houston Chronicle :] so i need to check the paper!

It was sweeeeet.

So fluffy got Flees, and so did Max. And well, we gave fluffy a mayo bath. Meaning we covered her in Mayo, let the flees die and fall off then rinsed her off. But we had to do it twice haha. She was all crying and whining, it was cute. And then Max got one too, he took it better, which is weird cause hes a cat lol. The Gray stripy cat is Max, The black cat is KeeLee she is fleeless, and the dog is Fluffy :]

And today I bought myself the Mumford&Sons CD, some new sun glasses and i got my nephew some toy he likes, their called TeckDecks.. lol.

I like them lots :] haha

Like the pics? entertaining right?
haha, i know.

ok, bye!

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