Saturday, November 13, 2010

ive had that zombie virus and all

Hello sir! ma'am! Weirdo over there!
ive been ignoring the bloggity :[ school work and workwork and all. BUT im here to update now!! But first, how have you been non-existent readers? well i hope!

So, lets see what has happened. i got an 80 om my chem exam! :D lol, thank god, i was shit worried you know? been going to and keeping up with my nephew Antonios soccer games, hes hardcore lol,

Went to Raymondville for my sisters baby shower which was awesome! lots of food, games, drinks and then bbq'd later that night at my cousins house/ranch, got to see JB while i was there too since corpus is like 2hrs away.

Javi. SEND MY SWEATER! Damnit! lol.

Halloween was awesome :] went to Javi&Jens party, there was a best and worse costume contest, jello shots, malibu rum :] lol, i didnt really take pictures though, my costume was a bunny, i had the ears, tail, gloves and thigh high socks, and i wore a cute black dress with heels :] heres pic with the accessories

School has been good,passing and whatnot, its just so long! i cant wait for thanksgiving break!! oh yeah, on thanks giving weekend im moving! i cant wait! and i cant wait for black friday, nordstrom rack here i come ;] lol

Yesterday i went out with Lynne to get tashas birthday present and its an awesome one :] i cant tell till the day of though! shes having a birthday dinner, and a birthday party so next weekend will be fun :] i WILL take pics, or steal the ones verna takes lol.

Ive been drinking a lot of boba? that tapioca drink lol, its right near my school its called Kims Tea house, so good! they have sandwiches, sweets, and a ton of drinks, i like the strawberry green tea, its yummy!

So im really loving this weather, its finally cold again! its rainy though :[ lol, i just love wearing my boots :] And i havent really had time to update either blogs really, ill have a new post on the -month of december- blog soon and ill try harder to update this one too! lol.

Oh dude! i got netflix and its the best decision i ever made!haha.

Misfits and social distortion are coming this month :]
ok, im off to go do things and stuff!!


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