Monday, November 15, 2010


So small it could almost be a miniature elephant.

Im having a very chill day today! oh, a blog post? within a few days of eachother? uhoh! lol :] Im having trouble collecting money from my former boss. Yes i quit for some reasons i wont get into right now, but legit reasons. Im getting very annoyed. I just want whats mine, a check that was bounced, its fee and mondays work pay. Thats all, and my calls are getting ignored. I wouldnt slander a place that serves good food, but im itching to right now.
Its been a very cold rainy day today, a good day for coffee, smores, hot chocolate, cuddling and bon fires. Its not even that late yet but i feel like its midnight already, that daylight savings time thing really messed me up, im getting sleepy at like 6-8pm, its ridiculous!
Today i had a chemistry lab, it didnt take that long, i just hate waiting for some random liquid to evaporate, it takes forever. And my lab partner and i finished first lol. Since i didnt have to work (thank raptor jesus) i just stayed in the Caf, did some work, went over the post lab, talked to my school friends. It was nice not being tired for once, not being in a hurry, taking my sweet time with school it awesome. Now i need to print some chapters for chem, labs, our next exam, turn in my english essay 'why marijuana should be legalized for medical reason' (which will be on the MonthOfDecember blog), start the research project, start my speech class Persuasion Speech on 'Why you SHOULD smoke cigarettes ', oh yeah. Already signed up for my Spring classes, just taking three. And then, study for finals.
Lets see, tomorrow i have english and speech class. Im not too fond of my english teacher, at all. I dont think she grades right, or communicates very well, but, she is bare-able. I think i want to go to a coffee place tomorrow after class, and just relax. I would say itsAGrind, but they have been bought out, if you didnt know, by a franchise called Coffee Bean. Horrible name, it looks ugly (the logo), but the shop itself has stayed the same, so at least theres that. Know what i miss? Harvest! and Kaleidoscoops! formerly known as K*Scoops :] mmm, veggie sandwich. And black cherry ice cream. Oh, and Agora burned down. Why dose everything i love die!!

I need a new coffee place to love.
Not Coffee Bean.

im really hungry right now, i know i could eaisly go on and make food here, but im craving my beloved TacoBell. Dont ask me why, but i have like, a food obsession with it! its timeless, and yummy. I love the hot sauce packets too, they have the funniest things to say :]

Chris V. i know you read this, hows Dallas? You should feel special,ive mentioned you in not only this post, but another one as well. Feel special!! Just so you all know, chris hates Greek people. Its weird. A very bad habit. Tsk Tsk.

:] haha.

i have a headache.


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