Friday, November 26, 2010

Whip it!

New shirt, i likey ;]
Drinking some hot coco
and hanging out in the living room

So how was your thanksgiving?mine was ok! fun and tiring! i went to the SuperFeast Downtown, its for homeless people, people who cant affod food or anyone wanting to help. So my speech group and i went to go help out for a bit and it was tiring!! i helped serve out drinks and pick up trash and stuff. It was pretty fun, but then it started to lightly rain on and off lol, it was all humid too!

After the volunteering i went home ate a bit and bam, napped lol! it was so good! and i have to admit i didnt eat that much, im not sure why, but i got full fast and had a great nap :]

Today was/is BLACK FRIDAY! who went crazy shopping hm? i ended up going to memorial mall, bought an Alien Workshop board for my nephew, and some vans shoes, i got myself some band shirts, new gauges, a jacket and a new scarf :] it was fun but dude it was packed!!

i was suppose to do my whole moving thing today but no, of course something had to go wrong. The apartment managers said it wasnt ready and wouldnt be ready till 3pm, we got the keys at like 5pm.

..stupid boxes.

this is why im buying my nephew a new board lol

So i went to genghis grill today with the family, i love that place so much. Best food, and you get to put what you want together, pick the spices and sauce and they cook it for you. It pretty yummy! and damn dude, i like scarfed it down! it was so good! and omfg it is cold today, it like 30-35 ish? im loving it :]

i finally saw that whip it movie today, i loved it lol. Roller derby loooks like some scary fun, i would looove to see it live, it would be so badass. Its a cute story, guy turns to a douche sortof lol.

i may kinda be getting stalked again. Creepy.

So i heard that the lines at best buy were like, so long that they were a couple hours wait. wtf! i could not do that, i get way too impatient. i had a horrible time waiting in the lines at the mall.

tell me something interesting!
do it!

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