Wednesday, November 24, 2010

headaches and lots of food!

Audience! How are you audience?
^ imagine that with a anchor persons voice, and a mustache

So ive been having these horrible headaches lately, or migraines i guess, what the difference? they both hurt tremendously :[ its been like, the past 3 weeks i guess? i cant get rid of them. any suggestions? ive tried more sleep, tea, pills. its not working. Sometinmes the only thing that makes them feel better is when im driving with the windows down and let the wind blow, feels good!

I did some packing today for the move :] got like, 4 boxes done? i think im just going to pile all my clothes with the hangers into my car, then put them in the new place myself. Seems like it would be easier,

hahaha, ok so im with my nephew antonio and were watching iCarly and i got to say, this is one of my favorite shows to watch. I think its ridiculously hilarious!! its so stupid its funny haha. This show comes in second to Avatar the last airbender! hahah, omg cracking up at this show

So i saw this on

Are you offended by the “holiday overkill mcgrabbiness” of the TSA, but do not have the metaphorical balls to scream, “no daddy no!!!” during a pat down, here is a nice way to make a body scan 10x more fun.

Protest the TSA’s full-body scanners with 4th Amendment Wear, a line of undershirts, underwear, and socks with the 4th amendment printed on them in metallic ink, so that TSA employees can bone up on unreasonable search and seizure while… unreasonably searching you

I want one :] oh yeah.

So tashas party was on Saturday and it was so fun!! gotta say, i drank a bit lol but not too much!! and the cake Lynne and I got for her was awesome! i picked it up earlier saturday and i totally thought i lots the place >_< lol

hahaha, awesome right? hehe

so tomorrows Thanksgiving, only reason its one of the best holidays is because of the food, FOOD.:p but i have to go do some charity work stuff from 2-5, then friday is black friday shopping!! um, and moving, and saturday is moving also, and sunday is RENFEST! :] going with chris V. WHO has a new blog started up

also getting drinks with chris V. later tonight too
go insult his blog, its what i do :D

Anyone have any interesting blogs of your own or to suggest?

oh and my friend ZC showed me this, i thought it was awesome :]

:] ok im going now!

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