Monday, January 24, 2011

at the heart of things, yo.

how do you do!

are you confused about that flower up there?
well im on a different laptop right now so there were limited pictures,

ive been a bit busy with school starting and being sick, so sorry for the lack of updates. Im taking an English class, Sociology class and a Psychology class, and so far imm liking them all! i just need my english books now, i have my psych book on the laptop and a friend gave me the sociology book so yay for saving money!

Today is very gloomy and rainy, it makes me want to go to a coffee house, have a soy sommething, bring my laptop and type away! but! all the good coffee shops that i love are either closed forever or to far. :/ i perfer the more im-a-actual-human-being atmosphere as opposed to a franchise type atmosphere. you know what i mean, yes?

So i came across a site a former school mate is hosting, its non- profit and very informative. It can help some people seeking assistance in their illness who are warry of asking help.

Its a fresh site, so its still gaining veiws, followers, members and what not. I think it can be a very helpful site to the people its for. This is to help not only the Manic deppresive/ bi- polar, its for people with friends or family of the sort, to help you to understand how they might be feeling the way their feeling. The have tips for finding help with a psychologist, they have a hotline for counseling and a suicide hotline as well. There are also help site for people with addictions and who are seeking help for it. I hope some of you check this site out, maybe spreadt the word too, i just thought id you know, throw this out there for you guys, just in case :]

i dont have much to really post up for yall this week :/ its been a bit boring, i really need to go buy some more paper for my psych and soci class, need to set up my printer and print the ppt notes from psych and what else? hm, i should writte a new story on the 2nd blog too huh? Check it out if you havent read any of the stories :]

ok i need to do some school things and stuff!

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