Monday, January 31, 2011

go egypt go!

hey!! i know i know

ive been gone and busy, but im here now! hhow are you huh? Ive been all busy with school work of course, writing my english journals, reading my sociology book ya know. Ive had a sort of writers block with my other blog though :[ so i hope it dosent last too long, im hoping to have a story up this week.

Sorry about the random flower pictur again lol, on the other latpot again! :p

Its been good weather these past few days in the houston weather, meaning its not 25 degrees and its somewhat sunny lol. Today was a high of 72 :] tomorrow though, a low of 24 :[ wtf houston. again? really? Your breaking my heart!!

So has anyone been watching the whole Egypt *Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Tusnia* protests? The people want democroacy, more freedoms, and a new leader. They want Mubarak to stap down as their leadr, and i say leader cause im not so sure he was even voted in as president fairly. He's been in control for like 30 years and is like what 83 years old? I think he dose need to step down, but in his speech ( which was so BS) she said he would implement a new government but would not step down. He is trying to blame everyone but himself it seems like, ya know? I got to say, America is not perfect, its not always fair, there will always be problems but im damn glad and proud i live here because i see what some other countries are like, no right, senseless killings, rape, dictation, its all so scary and it makes me glad to be here, even if half of us are probably morons lol. Its better then what it all could be, gotta be thankful. Kudos to you Egypt, i hope no one else dies while protesting :[ be careful!! <3

Pictures from the protests:

So im at kims tea house, just did some more english work, was going to do my Psych too but ill do it tomorrow, its all gloomy out and its making me all lazy lol.

So a friend of mine is a tattoo apprintice and can finally have customers of her own and is doing small tattoos for 20$, at least, so i think i might get one this weekend! i have something in mind, having to do with The Beatles song Blue Jay Way :]

ok i heading home now!!

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