Monday, January 10, 2011

If your real, then show me who you are

So i totally just CANNOT sleep.
i havent been sleeping very well these past few weeks, lastnight i didnt fall asleep till about 5:30am, i swear. And i was just tossing and turning,non stop. its so annoying, maybe i should get sleeping pills that are like uber good.

So yesterday was Virginas birthday, it was pretty fun even though it was cold out lol. we ate at some mexican restaurant, it was pretty good but i didnt eat much lol i pretty much ate celery and ranch. I got to have 2 margaritas though! and they werent half bad either lol.

So i absoloutly hated the weather today, it was like grave yard gloomy, not really rainy but misty, and it was cold. Now ive said before, i like winter and i do, i just dont like winter when i can wear a tank top one day and i have to wear 3 layers of clothes the next. Houston, make up your mind. Your killing me.

New Short story up on the second blog, i like it, it was slightly inspired by a movie i love because its a dark kinda given up hope film, but i cant ever, i swear ever, remember the name. I just cant hold onto it, ill try to remember it when i find out what it is and poof, i forget.

oh well.

i wish i could go outside right now. I wish i had a house in a not so sketchy kind of neighbor hood, then id have a swing/bench outside on the front porch so i can sit, drink me up some coffee, ponder the universe! lol, have a big dog. There are countless reasons.

I hate when people tend to disappear during the winter holidays due to work, its unfair. Some places really get out of control-people getting trampled and dying- crazy. I hate the situation not them, stupid situation! Now who am i suppose to complain about not sleeping for hours on end with? hmmm? :p That poor interweb hoe bag, you know who you are! <3 lol

ok i have nothing to ramble on about anymore, maybe ill put my time into another story?

adieu !!

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