Saturday, January 8, 2011

here comes the sun

So my new years was awesome! The girls and i went to discovery green together for the fire works but we got there at like 8 so we waited till 12 midnight and damnit got cold fast haha. We brought mikes hard lemonade, smirnoff ice thingys and champagne. I didnt drink the champagne lol. the fire works were really cool! i got a video of it so lets see if i can load it up on here. Im at kims teahouse so if i cant load it ill just edit this post later and put the video up, we shall see!

So hows everyone! :] ready for classes to start up again? well the highschool classes have already started, college classes star on the 18th for everyone here as far i know.

Lets see what else has happened? Today is Virginas birthday dinner! so im going to that tonight, going to go get her a gift from Target, Chris V. just got here, god he's fat. hahaha :D i know he'll see this.

Oh so, my laptop is being shit right now! ok, so the battery was fucking up and it woundnt charge for some reason i could not for the life of me figure out why! my dad said that sometimes laptop battery are just bad, they die faster then others sometimes, so mine it dead. Now i have to have it plugged in all the time. :[ But a new one dosent cost too much its like 45$ stupid laptop. i want an Alienware laptop lol, if i had one of those my dad would seriously kill me for it haha its that badass.

i want a MacBookPro now :[

God this video is taking forever to load up! its at 77%



:[ it wouldnt load, chris is bad luck.
ill put it on youtube then link it on here later!

oh! so! linkin park is coming in febuary! :] i dont care what people say i love them so much! his voice it awesome! though, i dont love the new stuff to much. I checked the set list and its the good shit! i wanna go!

ok well ima go now!!

^^^ new short story up on the second blog :]

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