Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

well like the title says, happy fourth of july to all us Americans on the interwebs! and to the Brits, no hard feelings right? i mean, were cool yeh? were friends. i hope.
Im not really doing anything this fourth of July, not a lot of extra money to spend on fireworks, and i heard that here in Houston Texas it's banned,? Im not sure but we have been in a bit of a drought so it makes sense. So, im having some coffee, im watching Doctor Who and of course remembering how lucky i am to be here. Sure, America is not the best place ever. Like all countries we have murder, hate, intolerance and shit people but we also have tons and tons of freedoms, luxuries and rights that some don't. We have it pretty sweet here, its nice.
So, ive been checking my school account for my financial aid to be deposited. Im worried the book store will run out of the books i need, and i want to do it fast and get it done with (ahh that's what she said) but its taking forever.

This was my last fourth of july with JB and some friends

yeah the beach sort of kind of caught fire.

just a little bit.

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