Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i need the Doctor Who Kind of Doctor :]

So, its been a very long few days.

I tend to have these extremely bad headaches, though usually it will only be maybe 1-2 times a week. This past week and a half i've had a headache every day, lasting hours on end. Hurts too much, cant deal with it! So i went to my doctor and he said (what i and everyone else thought), that is was Migraines. Ugh. I wish migraines had a face so i could punch the hell out of it :]So, he prescribes some meds, which are working but take a while to kick in but still good enough. Doctor Billie wanted me to also get a brain CT, to rule out tumors and whatnot. So i went to the Hospital today to go get the CT, and of course it was going to cost me an arm. They wanted 500$ for the CT itself, and a 125$ service fee :/ So i think i'm just going to hope there is nothing lingering inside my head that was worth looking at, ya know? So i'm just going to keep to these meds and hope it helps :]

Also, the most amazing part of my day was going to Kims Tea House, i got the watermelon slurpee and it was the most amazing think ever. EVER.
I swear i finished it in like 30 minutes! i want another one!
Oh,and to explain the picture over there. Sometimes i get bored and i take pictures, i'm a girl, what can i say? I actually love that shirt up there, i cut the top up to it's one of those shoulder shirts that i love. And, i got that necklace for a freaking dollar :] I like deals lol.
When i went to the tea house i brought my 10yr old nephew Antonio with me, and i realized while we were waiting there, talking about The Office and bands, that he is growing up! He is going to be in middle school this school year! Oh and he is as tall as i am haha, and he is getting taller too! I don't like this, he needs to be 5yrs old again. :p

He wants to be a professional skateboarder and wants to have his own brand of boards and clothes, this kid is pretty cool.

I'm going to make myself some tea!

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