Friday, July 15, 2011

Write, right?

No such thing as too much tea, right?

Well i'm still obsessing over my awesome indiana jones hat :] i freaking love it. I tried putting it on my 7month old nephew but every time i did he would try to look up at it and fall back haha it was cute. So, i finished another story! its called And So I Wait, so i'm hoping you like it. And it's a story where no one actually dies! Though i must admit, it has more of a 'trapped in your mind being emotionally tortured by what you cannot have' feeling. So, yeah. Go check it out, leave feedback in the comments area. Oh and its super short, so it wont take too long to get through :]

I haven't really been keeping up with my unfinished stories, i have a couple of them just waiting around on the computer and in my journal, but it's not writers block. I just have not been in the mood to sit down and let my mind wonder, ya know? And its not that i'm really stressed out or anything, though there are a few obstacles that have been thrown my way this month, i just feel sort of spaced out. Its all a bit weird. Finishing this story i think has brought me back down to earth! I feel the need to write again, i'm going to try to focus on 'Our Red Planet II', its going to be fantastic :]

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